Saturday, August 25, 2012


  WWW, August 2012 - In this brand new release by the french based Original DUB Gathering Net Label, we hook up with Full DUB, producer based in Dijon France. Spaced out DUB with loads of digital effect, vocal snippets and elements of Dubstep, even tolerable for those that don't specifically like the dub-derived style.
Six tunes, filled with examples of Full DUB's creativity. Definitely based on the Reggae rhythm, with strategically placed excursions into the broader digital domain. This is some high quality, intelligent music in this August the third twenty twelve release of Original DUB Gathering.

One thing that stands out is the fact Full Dub changes from the Steppers Drum rhythm into others and vice versa. A concept that's not used a lot, especially not in Reggae. It shows the creative experimentation which occupies the French producer as he trods on in DUB Space.

Brain Stage, the second installment in what hopefully turns out to become a line of releases, as Full Dub leaves you wanting more every time you play the last tune of this mini-album.

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