Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Back On Track!" (Webmaster's Column)

Dubroom Online - Edition October 27, 2007


WWW, October 27 2007 - Greetings, dear reader/visitor of the Dubroom! Thanks for your patience during the last week, thanks for your support and encouragements too.

Backstage, this last week was intense. A new schedule had to be implemented, and while the first "child diseases" were found and dealt with in the propper way, everything seems to be working now.

The new schedule was neccesary to increase the level of output in both quantity and quality, while in the same time there is now more time to process input and feedback.

So again: Thanks for the patience. We're back on track!

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

House Of Reggae #9 (MP3 Podcast Review)
Louie Culture - Uprising (Video Review)

House Of Reggae #9 (MP3 Podcast Review)


WWW, October 2007 - Each time we visit the House of Reggae, we're about to travel throughout the complete history of Reggae while we gain knowledge and overstanding. Crucial!

Starting of with a 1966 tune by Prince Buster, moving forward to Rub a Dub style with Tristan Palma, connecting it to Rockers with a Lacksley Castell tune. Each track comes with some crucial information, making it possible for every listener to really know what (s)he is listening.

At this moment, we're only 15 minutes into this excellent episode of the House of Reggae podcast. We know what we've listened to, we've moved and grooved while realizing the timelessness of Reggae Music once again.

And we still have 45 minutes to go!


01. Prince Buster - Dance Cleopatra
02. Tristan Palma - Joker Smoker
03. Papa Bruce - Loafter Smoker
04. Lacksley Castell - Babylon World
05. Bushman - Man A Lion
06. Joya Landis - Moonlight Lover
07. Lester Sterling - Casa Blanca
08. Lester Sterling & The Kayasonic - St Johns Rock
09. QQ - Betta Must Come
10. Bruce Ruffin - Dry Up Your Tears
11. Half Pint - Level The Vibes
12. Ranking Toyan - Trod Along
13. Lloyd Robinson - Cuss Cuss
14. Vivian Jones & The Pieces - Could It Be You



Louie Culture - Uprising (Video Review)

Dubroom (DUB) Reggae Video Review

WWW, October 2007 - Starting off with an a capella clip, this strong video by another conscious Reggae vocalist will definitely inspire the hearts and souls of the downtrodden of this earth.

Righteous Lyrics and Reggae Music form a wonderful combination that somehow touches right through to the heart. This mystical thing is often referred to as Word, Sound and Power.

Louie Culture definitely knows how to combine word sound and power. The video perfectly illustrates what the word and sound is all about, showing the power in a very inspiring way.


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