Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dubroom Online - Edition September 9, 2007

Dubroom Online - Edition September 9, 2007

WWW, September 9 2007 - Promoting Reggae Music is very much a labour of love. And more often than not, it is done by people who at moment in their life Arose in Love with the rhythm.

The "House of Reggae" Podcast is just one example of such a labour of love. Truly, a nice and ire vibration in which the pure love for Reggae Music is the predominant factor.

Love for the Creator is a thing that you will also find within Reggae Music. Not just in Reggae Music, though. The ancient wisdom of many "Native Americans" contains a deep worship of the Creator and He turns out to be the Same One as we know under His name JAH.

Have a great day under the Sun!

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

MP3 Podcast: House of Reggae #4
Meet Red Elk: Spiritual Elder, Medicine Man (Video)

MP3 Podcast: House of Reggae #4


WWW, September 2007 - In the 4th episode of "Ian's House of Reggae", we're going to chill out for another hour to some crucial music, carefully selected by our host who likes to do a little research before his shows, too.


Meet Red Elk: Spiritual Elder, Medicine Man (Video)


Many of "America's" original inhabitants knew about Yesus Kristos long before Christopher Columbus planted his flag on soil that was not his own. They praise the Saviour and call Him "Ishka", or "Son of God". They worship Him along with the Creator Father and the Great Spirit, too.

Not a very big surprise, when you consider how Yesus is JAH, the Creator, and obviously Yesus has not locked himself in a western church building so that everyone who does not conform to the western norm will burn eternally in the flames of fire.

Not a very big surprise, as even the history books mention how the Roman missionaries were kind of confused when they found out this very same thing: these "savages" and "heathen" were praising the Divine Saviour!

Not a big surprise, if you meet Red Elk: an "inter-tribal native American" Medicine Man who praises Yesus Kristos as part of his culture.

Red Elk is a member of the Heyoka Society. Heyoka means "clown", and refers to people who "do things different". You could call them "Separated Ones", or even Nazarites.

In some cultures, they would wear dreadlocks as a sign of their separation unto the Most High JAH. Set apart by Jah, only ruled by Jah, totally unconformed to the "Judeo Christian Civilization" that is responsible for the massive massacre of his people in the first place.

Red Elk is also a member of the Inner Heyoka Society.

The Inner Heyoka listen to no one, except for the Creator. They are inter-tribal Medicine People and therefore don't represent any tribe or nation. Apart from Red Elk they do not even make themselves known to the public!

Red Elk is a frequent guest on popular paranormal Radio Shows like Coast to Coast AM, but he is also interviewed on spiritual shows like Channel-Z. He is currently working on a book.

The paranormal shows usually interview him about his knowledge of creation and ancient wisdom, or about his ability to levitate. The video that comes with this article is no different in that respect, either. The makers want to know all about "Big Foot", a mysterious creature that roams the forests of America, and so Red Elk tells a little bit about him.

The reason why Red Elk went public, is not to share all these things, though. There is a much more serious reason behind it, which usually doesn't come to the surface that much when he is interviewed by the Paranormal Press.

Red Elk went public, because he has received a lot of visions from the Creator containing serious warnings about the upcoming judgement.

Red Elk went public, because he has a message. That message is: "Get Right With Papa".

This, and his age and wisdom, make him a Spiritual Elder for all the Separated Ones all over the globe, too.



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