Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dubroom Online - Edition September 15, 2007

Dubroom Online - Edition September 15, 2007

WWW, September 15 2007 - Greetings! There are many things for the Online (Dub) Reggae Community to enjoy.

There's really loads of artists, producers and labels who put out free MP3 files and video's of their works on a wide variety of websites: Online Artists avant la lettre.

Then there's the podosphere as well inna Cyberspace, where yet another expression of love for Reggae Music can be found and enjoyed as mix after mix goes straight into your I-pod or MP3 Player.

In the coming times, Jah Willing, we'll review some material from the Podosphere that will be considered a blessing for every member of the online (DUB) Reggae Community and beyond!

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)


MP3 Podcast: Studio One Roots Chapter 1
Video: Third World and Tony Rebel - If Jah (Live Jamaica, 2004)

MP3 Podcast: Studio One Roots Chapter 1


WWW, September 2007 - It will have to go further than a presentation of what many know to be the classic Studio One Sound. There will have to be tracks that not many may have heard before, too.

No, making a crucial Studio One selection definitely ain't easy at all. But the Dub Organiser can do it, as this well-titled Podcast will establish once and for all!

Studio One Roots? This can mean different things for real.
What we have come to know as Roots Music, was obviously played by musicians who themselves had Roots as well. It's a matter of fact, that most Originators of Reggae somehow started off their musical path in Sir Coxsone's Studio, which would explain the title.

The music itself, obviously is Roots Music avant la lettre. Studio One was there before all these other Reggae Studios for the simple reason that Sir Coxsone Dodd was already running an established studio in Jamaica when Reggae was not even there.

The podcast doesn't go back that far in time, though.

There are some remarkable Dub Versions, nice DJ Toasting by U Roy and others, a heartical Burning Spear track that not many Spear fans may have heard before, and these are just a few highlights.

53 minutes of pure niceness!


01.Rude Boy Charlie - Charlie Organaire
02.Let's Go To Zion - Winston Francis
03.Set Me Free - L.Crosdale
04.Free Me - Drum Bago & The Rebel Group
05.God i God I Say - Keith Wilson
06.Imperial I - Prince Jazzbo
07.Where It's At - Lloyd Forrest
08.Our Rights - The Defenders
09.Daughters Of Zion - Prince Lincoln
10.I Stand Predominate - The Wailers
11.Peace Treaty Style - Sugar Minott & The Brenford Disco Set
12.Peace Treaty Style Part 2 - Sugar Minott & The Brenford Disco Set
13.I Was Born a Freeman - Freddie McGregor & Al Campbell
14.Jah Jah Go Before Us the Gladiators
15.Jah Jah Version - Roots Group
16.Musical Science - Dub Specialist



Video: Third World and Tony Rebel - If Jah (Live Jamaica, 2004)


Third World are known for their mega hits "Now That We've Found Love" and "Try Jah Love", wherein they mixed the Reggae Rhythm with other -then- contemporay musical styles and rhythms.

That was then.

Fast forward to 2004.

Third World team up with Tony Rebel Stage As he enters stage, he asks the audience if they think he can "take the challenge" to perform his classic "If Jah" in Spanish and in a different rhythm and style for real.

Ofcourse he can!

As the audience come out of their chairs (!) to dance, it's Third World's time to take up the challenge as the tune goes over into the classic Reggae riddim that served as the back up for this majestic title based on Psalm 91.


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