Friday, March 14, 2008


Dubroom Online - Edition March 14, 2008


WWW, March 14 2008 - The ancient world was not just ruled by the gods and their offspring, there were even whole tribes of nephilim.

The Phoenicians, for example, were nephilim.

They were white-skinned and traveled all over the world, trading with people and "giving" them "civilization".

The land of Israel was also filled with Nephilim. That's why the ancient Hebrews had to kill men, women, children, even the animals of the people they conquered.

The ancient Hebrews were not dealing with other human beings, they were dealing with the Serpent Seed and this Serpent Seed is not just an abomination in the sight of the Most High, it is also a threat to the very existence of mankind.

More Tomorrow...

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

Friday, March 14, 2008



WWW, March 2008 - They're testing the sirens outside, when the music of TRIP DUB plays inside in order to be reviewed. The sounds blend into one, as our host DJ Chill Will takes us to outer DUB SPACE once again in his third Podcast.

Countless of contemporary electronic producers know their musical foundation to be Reggae Music, especially DUB. It has come so far, that there is a whole genre called DUB which may not necessarily be identified as such by the lovers of Reggae DUB.

Still, it's there, in outer DUB SPACE.

The DUBSESSIONS Podcasts brings us the most interesting of this electronic DUB music and blends it with productions by Sly and Robbie and other Reggae producers. The result is a more-than-nice experience to those who can apprecilove drum-and-bass-driven music.

TRIP DUB stands for a one-hour trip into DUB SPACE, so... let's go!


01. Bob Holrod - Drumming Up a Storm -
02. Peter Kruder - Double Drums - Peace Orchestra
03. Salmonella Dub - Inside The Dubplates
04. Sly & Robbie - Zen Concrete - Reggae Greats
05. Euphoria Remix - Fila Brazillia - Six Degrees
06. Tosca - Busenfreund Remix - Suzuki in Dub
07. Sly & Robbie - Stripped to The Bone - Howie B Sessions
08. Dubsession - Mystery Track
09. Dzihan & Kamien - Sliding Feat General Ranks
10. Tosca - Honey Remix - Keiser Van Ubermix
11. Vienna Scientists - Romeo - A Selection Into Dub Funk
12. J. Boogie - Universal Dub - J. Boogie LP
13. Dzihan & Kamien - Sliding Dub Remix
14. Dubsession sign off and show info



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