Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Answering the Critics (4) (Webmaster Column)

Dubroom Online - Edition October 31, 2007


WWW, October 31 2007 - One of the Dubroom's major critics is a guy who claims to have studied "the infiltrator method" at Biola University in California (USA).

He admits he "adopts" what he sees as Reggae and even Rastafari Culture, in order to "inject it" with a "message". That message, by the way, is to basically be a good Babylonian. He even admits, that he hated Reggae at first, but trained himself to like it.

His most important critique on the Dubroom? It's the fact that this website will not promote such infiltration methods, will not Konform to the Politikal Korrekt Order and work with Babylon to kill Reggae Music and Culture, even Rastafari Livity and Culture.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

Jackie Opel - Push Wood Style (MP3 Review)
LKJ - Inglan Is A Bitch (Video Review)

Jackie Opel - Push Wood Style (MP3 Review)


WWW, October 2007 - Originally hailing from Trinidad, Jackie Opel is best known for being one of the top singers during of Jamaican Ska in the 1960's. A tribute.

Listening to the historic recordings of Jackie Opel's voice as he rides over the Ska riddims will once again remind the listener just how special Jamaican Music is. Singers and Players of Instruments, each one carrying more skills and talents than your average world star together.

The injustice that comes with the world economical situation becomes painfully clear, when we realize how this music is recorded on material that even for the time wasn't the best of best. That stuff was reserved for the rich countries, and only now with digital possibilities there is somewhat of a more equal situation as computers can more or less replace a complete studio.

Almost 30 minutes of sweet, soulful, energetic music, with Jackie Opel singing lover's tunes as well as spirituals. For (y)our listening pleasure and meditation!


#1 Higher And Higher Jackie Opel
#2 Valley Of Green Jackie Opel
#3 The Vow Jackie Opel & Doreen Shaffer
#4 Push Wood Jackie Opel
#5 Picture Of Smoke Jackie Opel
#6 Old Rocking Chair Jackie Opel
#7 Take Your Time Jackie Opel
#8 Stay By Me Jackie Opel & Hortense Ellis
#9 Turn To The Almighty Jackie Opel
#10 Forever And Ever Jackie Opel



LKJ - Inglan Is A Bitch (Video Review)

Dubroom (DUB) Reggae Video Review

WWW, October 2007 - When LKJ started to chant his in-depth poems over heavy drum and basslines, the genre of DUB POETRY was born.

Strong, conscious words form the bulk of Linton Kwesi Johnson's oeuvre. His poetry will go straight to the heart of the matter, whatever angle of downpression and other forms of (social) injustice the mighty DUB Poet will cover.

In this poem, he calls Inglan for what she is.

Without the backing of the deep, deep DUB sounds by Dennis Bovell that most people associate with LKJ's voice, he recites the poem that Babylon really doesn't want to hear.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Answering the Critics (3) (Webmaster Column)

Dubroom Online - Edition October 30, 2007


WWW, October 30 2007 - Just what do people who love to hate the Dubroom and it's visitors/readers have in common?
At first glance, it seems like they all have their own reason. Diverse reasons, even. But there is a common factor. A thing that drives them, that makes them feel how the Dubroom is an obstacle in their ways.

You see, there are people who do more than just loving Reggae Music. They will actively infiltrate in the Culture, as they have an agenda. A politikal agenda, for example, or a religious one.

That agenda is to make Reggae Music and Culture, even Rastafari Livity and Culture, konformed to the politikal korrekt ways of Babylon.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

Rootical Vybes Part 4: "Return To The Plantation" (MP3 Review)
Althea and Donna - Uptown Top Ranking (Video Review)

Rootical Vybes Part 4: "Return To The Plantation" (MP3 Review)



WWW, October 2007 - 73 Minutes of pure Roots and Culture: the Ambassada comes once again to increase our consciousness with some skillfully mixed Reggae Music of different times and places.

The Dubroom promotes (DUB) Reggae and Consciousness. The debate obviously continues as to what is Reggae, what is Dub, what is Consciousness. There will be little disagreement over this great mix from the UK based Ambassada High Power Sound System, though.

The selector takes us deep into the riddims that he plays. It's not just playing a tune, it's actively working with them. Chapter and Version! Of course: the Ambassada High Power Sound System has a long history starting in the 1970's and so the experience is there big time. You don't tell the Ambassada just what is Reggae, for he will tell you!

The vocalists draw our attention to the worship of Creator, share about the sufferations ina Babylon and call for justice and equality. Chanting down Babylon, often referred to as "wiping away transgression and setting the captives free" is going on bigtime, too.

Seventy-three minutes of pure (DUB) Reggae and Consciousness.



1) Clean Living - Tony tuff
2) Dem Come - Dillinjah
3) Put down de Gun - MC Trooper
4) Chant Dem Dub Pt 1 & 2 - Dread Unity
5) Road of Life - Wayne McArthur
6) Life Dub
7) Ten Thousand lion/Lion Dub - Prince Hammer
8) No Violence - Leroy Mafia
9) Praises - Leroy Mafia
10) Politics - Rod Taylor
11) Upliftment - Al Campbell
12) Diverse Dub
13) Get up Blackman - Hopeton lewis
14) Stop Them Jah - Hugh Mundell
15) Who Responsible - Steel Pulse
16) Saturday Evening - Third World



Althea and Donna - Uptown Top Ranking (Video Review)

Dubroom (DUB) Reggae Video Review

WWW, October 2007 - With their major hit "Uptown Top Ranking", Althea and Donna wrote their name in the book of Reggae Legends throughout the history of Reggae Music.

The vibes of the time are perfectly captured in this video-clip, containing the live sounds and sights of Althea and Donna live in concert, combined with shots from Jamaica in the 1970's.


Monday, October 29, 2007

Answering the Critics (2) (Webmaster Column)

Dubroom Online - Edition October 29, 2007


WWW, October 29 2007 - Yesterday, we mentioned the fact that the Dubroom has critics who will even go so far as to curse and insult this site as well as the people who read/post on our Message Boards.

Obviously, who Jah bless no man shall curse. There is no real threat, but the hatred and anger towards our independence is very noteworthy.

Just who are these people, and why do they do it?

At first glance, it looks like the criticasters have nothing in common. But there is a reason why they are bound together in their hatred towards this site and it's readers/visitors.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

Mikey Dread Needs (Y)our Prayers - A Message From The Dread At The Controls
Inglan Is A Bitch: Two Tone (MP3 Review)
Black Uhuru - Youths Of Eglington (Video)

Mikey Dread Needs (Y)our Prayers - A Message From The Dread At The Controls


WWW, October 2007 - Mikey Dread has been diagnosed with a Brain Tumor and is currently working towards his recovery. (His faith in) God helps him, as well as the recent birth of his son.

A message from the Dread at the Controls

This is an Official News Release from the "Dread At The Controls, Inc."

For months now, many of you have made inquiries about Mikey Dread. Mikey believes that it is important that his fans/friends/ and supporters know about his current health condition and the treatment he is currently undergoing, and what has happened to him since July, 2007.

There is certainly good news coming out of the DATC camp. The good news is that Monika's and Mikey's son was born healthy and strong on October 12, 2007 and he will run "Dread at the Controls "in the future.

The bad news is that Mikey Dread has been diagnosed with a Brian Tumor. He is in the care of the best Doctors at Duke University in North Carolina and is undergoing chemotherapy. Mikey is working towards recovery and does not give up his faith in God. God is watching out for him.

Mikey Dread's fans can contact him through email:

According to Mikey Dread, "Dread at the Controls reggae music and dubs music continues to Break down the Walls, internationally."

This is an official News Release from "Dread At The Controls, Inc."

My respect and love still stand to you.

Inglan Is A Bitch: Two Tone (MP3 Review)


WWW, October 2007 - TWO TONES: More than just a label. The Two Tones were Black and White. Two Tone Ska incorporated Reggae, Jamaican Ska and even Punk with the sole intention to chant down racism.

Most people will associate skinheads with white racists having more hair than brains. The bomber jacks, army boots: they're a too familiar sight in Europe and elsewhere.

Not too many people know, that the very word "skinhead" was used in Jamaica years before white racists would adopt a name of which they themselves do not even know the roots of. A 1960's track by Desmond Dekker called "Hippopotamus" makes a mention of them...

There's a similar thing going on with the word SKA. Reggae lovers will know, that the word refers to one of the predecessors of Reggae Music. Ska is Jamaican Music from the 1960's.

Ska is also music from the 1980's, centered around a label called TWO TONE. The name of the label was soon to become the name of a Movement, wherein a large part consisted out of anti-racist Skinheads who, you could say, knew their Roots.


1. "Night boat to Cairo" - Madness (1979)
2. "Special brew" - Bad Manners (1980)
3. "The selecter" - The Selecter (1979)
4. "Mirror in the bathroom" - The Beat (1980)
5. "Ghost town" - The Specials (1981)



Black Uhuru - Youths Of Eglington (Video)

Dubroom (DUB) Reggae Video Review

WWW, October 2007 - Michael Rose, Puma Jones and Duckie Simpson during the most successful days of Black Uhuru, backed up by an all-star band.

Black Uhuru was formed in the 1970's, subsequently changed membership and when Sly and Robbie became attached to the name Black Uhuru just as much as the singers themselves, things really started to roll.

The music became a Sly and Robbie project, in which they would and could express their continuous progressive view on the music. They would incorporate rock, electronica and all of this would be done in such a way that even the most conservative Reggae fan would not be able to deny the massive work called Black Uhuru.

In this video, we will meet with the group as they tour in the UK during 1981. A year wherein Black Uhuru would perform with an all-star band throughout Europe and the rest of the world in order to entertain a very diverse audience.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Answering the Critics (1) (Webmaster Column)

Dubroom Online - Edition October 28, 2007


WWW, October 28 2007 - The Dubroom is an independent website promoting (DUB) Reggae and Consciousness.

Unfortunately, not everyone can apprecilove this. Some of them will criticize or even go so far as to curse and insult the site and the people who read/post on our Message Boards!

In these coming days, Jah Willing, we'll deal with some of the issues that critics brought up. So if you know yourself to be a critic of the Dubroom, keep watching this space for the coming days. You might just see your issue addressed...

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

Random Roots (MP3 Podcast)
Mad Professor - Juxx (Video Review)

Random Roots (MP3 Podcast)


WWW, October 2007 - After being introduced to our host, we're taken into a Roots Rockers Reggae experience extraordinary. The 50 minutes are packed with tunes that many of us will hear for the first time.

Random Roots? Something tells me, that DJ Dr. Tahl is kind of being humble here. This can't be random, and when the selector thinks it is, he should simply realize that he knows more than he knows, if you know what I mean.

He knows his music, he knows the vibe. He knows how to put tunes together and make them into a big mix of pure niceness that will serve as a blessing for the online (DUB) Reggae community.

Random Roots is simply packed with crucial cuts. Crucial, yet rare and unknown tracks. The amount of well-known and established names in the selection is impressive, but the fact that the majority of tunes are not really that well-known just gives that extra dimension to this podcast.

Big Up!


00. Jah Dan - Doctor Tahl Intro
01. Horace Andy - Problems
02. Johnny Clarke - In this time
03. Dennis Brown - What about the half
04. Junior Byles - Beat down bablyon
05. Dennis Brown - African
06. Junior Reid - Live & love unity
07. Barrington Levy - Revelation
08. Toots & the Maytals - Bam bam
09. Senya- Children of the ghetto
10. Culture - I'm not ashame
11. Hugh Roy - Rule the nation
12. Bob Marley & the Wailers - Redder than red
13. Meditation - Standing on the corner
14. Barry Brown - Movements of Jah
15. I Roy - Roots Man
16. Bob Marley - Forever loving Jah
17. Dennis Brown - Border
18. Freddie Mcgregor - Holy mount Zion



Mad Professor - Juxx (Video Review)

Dubroom (DUB) Reggae Video Review

WWW, October 2007 - Always nice to see the Mad Professor live, creating a Dub mix in front of an enthusiastic audience in his own special way.

That special way is perfectly caught on video tape by One Vizion, who graciously donated this great clip from their upcoming DVD to the online (DUB) Reggae Massive.

When the MC introduces the tune Juxx by Max Romeo, the Mad Professor starts off kind of easy and let the music just play along with the vocals. Then we get a WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL after which some heavy duty DUB mixing takes place.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Back On Track!" (Webmaster's Column)

Dubroom Online - Edition October 27, 2007


WWW, October 27 2007 - Greetings, dear reader/visitor of the Dubroom! Thanks for your patience during the last week, thanks for your support and encouragements too.

Backstage, this last week was intense. A new schedule had to be implemented, and while the first "child diseases" were found and dealt with in the propper way, everything seems to be working now.

The new schedule was neccesary to increase the level of output in both quantity and quality, while in the same time there is now more time to process input and feedback.

So again: Thanks for the patience. We're back on track!

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

House Of Reggae #9 (MP3 Podcast Review)
Louie Culture - Uprising (Video Review)

House Of Reggae #9 (MP3 Podcast Review)


WWW, October 2007 - Each time we visit the House of Reggae, we're about to travel throughout the complete history of Reggae while we gain knowledge and overstanding. Crucial!

Starting of with a 1966 tune by Prince Buster, moving forward to Rub a Dub style with Tristan Palma, connecting it to Rockers with a Lacksley Castell tune. Each track comes with some crucial information, making it possible for every listener to really know what (s)he is listening.

At this moment, we're only 15 minutes into this excellent episode of the House of Reggae podcast. We know what we've listened to, we've moved and grooved while realizing the timelessness of Reggae Music once again.

And we still have 45 minutes to go!


01. Prince Buster - Dance Cleopatra
02. Tristan Palma - Joker Smoker
03. Papa Bruce - Loafter Smoker
04. Lacksley Castell - Babylon World
05. Bushman - Man A Lion
06. Joya Landis - Moonlight Lover
07. Lester Sterling - Casa Blanca
08. Lester Sterling & The Kayasonic - St Johns Rock
09. QQ - Betta Must Come
10. Bruce Ruffin - Dry Up Your Tears
11. Half Pint - Level The Vibes
12. Ranking Toyan - Trod Along
13. Lloyd Robinson - Cuss Cuss
14. Vivian Jones & The Pieces - Could It Be You



Louie Culture - Uprising (Video Review)

Dubroom (DUB) Reggae Video Review

WWW, October 2007 - Starting off with an a capella clip, this strong video by another conscious Reggae vocalist will definitely inspire the hearts and souls of the downtrodden of this earth.

Righteous Lyrics and Reggae Music form a wonderful combination that somehow touches right through to the heart. This mystical thing is often referred to as Word, Sound and Power.

Louie Culture definitely knows how to combine word sound and power. The video perfectly illustrates what the word and sound is all about, showing the power in a very inspiring way.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

See You On The 27th!

Dubroom Online - Edition October 23, 2007


WWW, October 23 2007 - Greetings! The Dubroom requires a lot of work, that's kind of obvious. It's the kind of work that will always be there, will always grow as soon as you start working on it.

So that is good.

However, developments sometimes require an adjustment. in my case, it means that I have to re-structure the work schedule for the Dubroom from a daily into a weekly "routine".

I'm working hard, to get everything into this new schedule. I hope to be ready at the 27th. In the meantime, enjoy a brand new free download of the full album Showcase in reasonably high quality MP3.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

Messian Dread album "Showcase" Available For Free Download

Messian Dread album "Showcase" Available For Free Download


WWW, October 2007 - The Messian Dread album "Showcase" can now be downloaded for free as a podcast of reasonably high quality.

"Showcase" was Messian Dread's first full-length album only available on CD. Since today (October 23, 2007), the album can also be downloaded for free as a podcast. MP3, Stereo, 96Kbps which is kind of like FM quality.

Try before you buy, they say. So download the album, enjoy it (or not) and buy it (or not). Whatever the case, Messian Dread hopes that you will be blessed by the music and the lyrics. He is simply grateful to be able to share his works with you.


Download "Showcase" in Hi-Fi MP3
Download "Showcase" in Lo-Fi MP3
Download "Consider I (Discomix)" in WAV
Download "Consider I (Discomix)" in MP3
Get "Showcase"

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Little Business Break

Dubroom Online - Edition October 18, 2007


WWW, October 18 2007 - Greetings! JAH Willing, the next edition of Dubroom Online will be on the 22nd, perhaps 23rd of October. So that is in a few days.

The little break is neccesary because some business has to be taken care of. And it might just be, that the results will be visible in the near future.

In the meantime, please enjoy a free download of the track "Consider I", which appears on my album "Showcase".

An album which you can buy straight from the Star Selection Webstore (hosted by JAH Mark) or even download for free in (lo-fi) mp3 format.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

Messian Dread Track "Consider I" Available For Free Download

Messian Dread Track "Consider I" Available For Free Download


This is the 5th track of the album "Showcase".

"Consider I" is a heartical prayer to Jah. A prayer that naturally follows the lyrics of "Yesus Messiah".

Starting of with a few lines of Dub, in which it becomes clear that this one is faster and more danceable than the previous one (of the album). At a certain moment, the horns starts playing a theme and the singing begins.

During the vocal part, there's some Dub style mixing going on as well, but not too much. The more heavy mixing comes as soon as the last line is sung and soaked into a reverse effect that takes you straight into some heavy, heavy Dub.


Download "Consider I (Discomix)" in WAV
Download "Consider I (Discomix)" in MP3
Get "Showcase"
Download "Showcase" in Lo-Fi MP3

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pleased To Meet You!

Dubroom Online - Edition October 17, 2007


WWW, October 17 2007 - Greetings, and thank you very much for your interest in this edition of Dubroom Online.

Many people wonder about the spirituality and consciousness of the Dubroom Webmaster, which would be me.

So maybe you would like to check out my personal spiritual update, and download almost 2 1/2 hours worth of audio interviews with me, an in-depth article and a freely downloadable musical work.

I'm please to meet you, and pleased to serve the online (DUB) Reggae Community with a daily doses of (DUB) Reggae and Consciousness.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)


Meet The Dread Some Love To Hate (Messian Dread Spiritual Update 17 October 2007)
Video: Burning Spear - Walk

Meet The Dread Some Love To Hate (Messian Dread Spiritual Update 17 October 2007)


WWW, October 2007 - Two interviews, an in-depth article and a request to download and comment on a free track. Indeed: time for another (spiritual) update from the dread some love to hate!


Last September 30, I have been interviewed on Channel-Z Radio. The interview was very, very personal and we covered a lot of topics in just one hour. Topics which I write about and produce music about.

Reggae Music, (sighting) UFO's, the Nephilim, Spiritual Warfare, Hitler and the Aryans, our personal experiences in the system, the Christian Industrial Complex, 2012 and Atlantis.

Sure, many would say that these topics have nothing to do with each other, but obviously they do. They have all to do something with... the Truth, with Reality, with "the way things are".



For the Predicto website, and for the Dubroom, I have written an in-depth article that deals directly with spiritual war on the Internet. I tried to explain a little just what the spiritual war is, and why we are involved when we are living beings. Additionally, I tried to give some -recent- examples of spiritual warfare on the Internet, on the Dubroom Messageboards for example.

For those who are interested in more about this topic, yesterday Zeph E Daniel and I recorded an interesting reasoning/interview together wherein we go deeper into this article.

Subsequently, I was interviewed by Channel-Z about the article. In the interview, the topic is covered to a deeper level. I speak about an infiltration on a Reggae Website where a politikal korrekt cult tries to make people Konform to Babylon System, claiming they are rebels against Babylon and roots musicians.

We also spoke about the fact that both brother Zeph-I and I were unable to konform to the shitstem, resulting in Babylon wanting to lock us up as if we are crazy.

I was blessed, because my parents did not want to go along with Babylon when they told my parents that I had to be in a crazy-house, where they would "fill me with medicine so I would either die or become a good Babylonian". Zeph had to go through a harder time, because his parents wanted him to konform to the system. He knows first-hand, and from a little age on, just how real and how spiritual this all is.

We spoke about the reason why they want to fight us down, which always has to do with KONFORMITY. Bow Down To The God Of This World Order, regardless as to whether you call him Jesus, Allah or Buddha (seen?). That is the message, and if you won't, you will pay.

However, Yesus Kristos already "paid". We are in Him and He is in us, and now we are freed to free, healed to heal, being fought for to fight for... our brothers and sisters, our fellow humans.



I've uploaded 67 tracks to the website. It's a website where musicians can upload their music, and others can download and even better: comment on the music.

One out of the 67 tracks can only be downloaded for the website. It is a radio version of my track Yesus Messiah, of which you can find a Discomix on my album Showcase and a DUB on my NET-Album "Reasonings in Dub".

Please download the track and please leave a comment. you will definitely be doing something for YESUS MESSIAH there, I assure you.


Video: Burning Spear - Walk

Dubroom (DUB) Reggae Video Review

WWW, October 2007 - After watching this great video clip, you will want to have the free download of the MP3 file straight from the Burning Spear website.

Nuff things can and must be said about Winston "Burning Spear" Rodney, as he has been working for decades and decades in a tempo that not many are willing to even imitate.

But they should not be said at this place.

It's time to walk. Time to walk and look to the video, then time to visit the Burning Spear Website for some more.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Imitate to Eradicate? (2)

Dubroom Online - Edition October 16, 2007


WWW, October 16 2007 - Smooth, carefully constructed test-tube products, straight out of the musical laboratories of Babylon System: many of such imitations of Reggae and Rastafari have been documented throughout the decades.

They are easily recognizable, though. For it doesn't matter as to whether Reggae Music is programmed or played, in both cases the heart and soul of the producer will be easily identifiable.

Imitators will be obviously not at ease with the open, heartical vibe of Reggae Music and Rastafari. That's the reason why they imitate in the first place, for Reggae Music and Rastafari are major obstacles in the ways of every good Babylonian.

Will they succeed? Of course not.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

MUST HAVE! Various Artists - Trojan Explosion (MP3 Podcast Review)
Various Artists - Cornerstone Hi-Fi Roots Classics Volume 4

MUST HAVE! Various Artists - Trojan Explosion (MP3 Podcast Review)


WWW, October 2007 - Coming with extensive liner notes from the selector, this complication of Roots Reggae from Trojan Records is an excellent presentation of the essential Reggae label.

Trojan Explosion provides the raw sound of 1970's Rockers Reggae, with styles and disciplines galore. Singers and DJ's, Players of Instruments and DUB engineers all give acte d' presence.

DJ Dr. Tahl produced an excellent compilation, and not just because of the crucial music. His in-depth liner notes on Trojan Records provides that extra dimension, while the mix itself provides that non-stop pleasure which you average compilation just won't give you.

Enjoy the fullness!

BROADCASTER'S COMMENTS: Trojan records, founded in 1968, was one of many labels in the United Kingdom that fed the ska, rocksteady and reggae craze sweeping the country. Founder Lee Gopthal had collaborated with Chris Blackwell of Island Records on mail order sales, which prompted Gopthal to start a record store called Musicland (which became part of the Muzik City Record Shops chain). Trojan's name comes from the Leyland trucks that were used by Duke Reid in Jamaica, which had Duke Reid - The Trojan King of Sounds painted on the sides. Reid's sound system became known as the Trojan Sound, which became synonymous with the new and hip music.

By 1970, Trojan artists that were making headway into the pop music charts included: Lee Perry's Upsetters, Bob & Marcia, The Cimarons, Desmond Dekker, Bruce Ruffin, Nicky Thomas and Dave & Ansel Collins. (Note: a common misconception is that Dave & Ansel Collins were brothers, although Dave Barker was a stand-alone artist and not related to Ansel Collins.)

Trojan's main function was not to develop new artists, but to serve as a sister label for Island Records. Monetary success came from releasing Jamaican music supplied by producers such as Duke Reid, Byron Lee and Leslie Kong into a series of popular, budget-priced compilations such as, Tighten Up, Club Reggae and Reggae Chartbusters.

Also included are the numerous sub-label's. Upsetter, Moodisc, Jackpot, Summit, Treasure Isle, etc.


01 Dillinger,King Tubbys & The Aggrovators - Jah Jah Dub
02 Dennis Brown - Concentration (Produced by Derrick Harriot)
03 Ronnie Davis - The Power of Love (Produced by Lyodie Slim & Bunny Lee)
04 Dennis Brown - Changing of Times
05 Barry Brown - Living As A Brother (Produced by Barrington Levy)
06 Johhny clarke - Don't Trouble Trouble (Produced by Bunny Lee)
07 Tristan Palma - How Can A Man Be Happy
08 Johnny Clarke - Blood Dunza
09 The Abbyssinians - Yim Mas Gaan
10 Big Joe - Mas Gan
11 Delroy Wilson - Better Must Come
12 Prince Alla - Daniel (Produced by Tapper Zukie)
13 Tommy Mccook & The Upsetters - Cloak & Dagger (Produced by Lee "Scratch" Perry



Various Artists - Cornerstone Hi-Fi Roots Classics Volume 4


WWW, October 2007 - Soaked in echo's and sirens, the Stricktly Rockers Podcast brings you 78 minutes of pure niceness in a very special way.

The selection is simply great. A well balanced mix between Roots Rockers and Rub a Dub style takes us back to the late 1970's, early 1980's.

The podcast can be burned on a CD or put in the I-pod for some listening experience in the Outernet and especially when you're in love with effects, Cornerstone Hi-Fi Roots Classics will make you feel.

When you don't like extra echoing and Sirens on top of the music, though, you may not really like what you hear. Sometimes, the effects and sirens are too much, too loud, especially for those that don't like to much playing with the music anyway.


01 Stop the fighting - Johnny Osbourne
02 Two bad daughter - Johhny Osbourne
03 Kingdom rise - Wailing Souls
04 Very well dub - Wailing Souls
05 Dreadlocks man - Barrington Levy
06 Revelation - Barrington Levy
07 Wicked reign - Eek a mouse
08 Humble yourself - Asher and Trimble
09 Tenement yard - Dennis Brown
10 Fade away - Junior Byles
11 Disco Jack version - Jackie Mittoo
12 Moulding - I Jahman Levi
13 Exodus - Freddie McKay



Monday, October 15, 2007

Imitate to Eradicate? (1)

Dubroom Online - Edition October 15, 2007


WWW, October 15 2007 - Do you have to be a Rasta to play Reggae? Do artists have to use Rastafarian concepts and colors in order to play "authentic" Reggae?

The answer to this is obvious, but not as obvious as one would assume. Because sometimes, it seems like the answer is "yes", though...

There are even artists who will publicly ridicule Rastafarian livity ("life style") but still use some outward appearance that resembles something "Rasta-ish"...

The bizarre aspect is, that these very same artists will often use their image to seriously attack one or more foundational pillars of Rastafari livity in the first place.

More tomorrow, JAH Willing.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

Video: I Roy - Blackman Time (Live, 1995)

Video: I Roy - Blackman Time (Live, 1995)

Dubroom (DUB) Reggae Video Review

WWW, October 2007 - Many people will credit U Roy to be the first Reggae MC, but I Roy was there right behind him. Here he performs -with band- for an enthusiastic audience.

Usually, an MC will chant on a Sound system on top of a pre-recorded track. Sirens and other sound effects are added, people dance and thing while the selector puts one tune after the other on the turntables.

The popularity of "Toasting" as this form of "Reggae Rapping" was officially called went Sky High. Especially after the concept crossed the musical border of Reggae with American styles like Hip Hop and Rap.

U Roy was said to be the first MC to rhythmically chant over the drum and bass driven rhythms, somewhere in the 1960's, but I Roy was right there behind him. He created hit after hit in the 1970's, many of them still considered to be classics until this day.

In this video, we hook up with I Roy somewhere in 1995. Performing with a band, interacting with the musicians and the audience, yes this is another piece of niceness that will brighten up your day.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Dub Roots and Fruits"

Dubroom Online - Edition October 14, 2007


WWW, October 14 2007 - Where DUB is the Roots, the concept of drum and bass driven rhythms accompanied by effects and vocals now seems to be the general formula of most forms of electronic music.

U-rope is the center of the world when it comes to electronic music, and therefore it will be no surprise that the bulk of sounds reviewed for today are U-ropean productions too.

Reggae purists will find one tune too plastic. Another tune will be seen as crossing the borderline of Reggae just a little too far.

However, there's a difference between Roots and Fruits. Roots are there to provide the energy, fruits are there to enjoy!

So let's enjoy a fruitful day!

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

Various Artists - "Shuffle" (MP3 Review)
Various Artists - "Stoned" (MP3 Review)

Various Artists - "Shuffle" (MP3 Review)


WWW, October 2007 - In this deep DUBWISE experience, we will visit France, Austria, the UK, South Africa and Dominica for some crucial "Fruits Music" from the last 17 years.

Arguable, the UK and the European continent have been more receptive for DUB techniques and music than America, perhaps even Jamaica. Some of the strongest drum and basslines are created right there, in the midst of Babylon, even influencing people to create music that will cross the borders of Reggae, but not those of DUB.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that Europe can also be considered the musical center of the world when it comes to deep, electronic effect driven music. For DUB was one of the first styles to fit that description, if not the first.

In "Shuffle", we will be treated to a number of crucial European productions, accompanied by one from the mother land: South Africa. The kind of music that will on one hand make you feel completely chilled-out, while on the other hand some deep drum and bass ensure a steady pace.

Reggae purists will wonder just how much "Reggae" is left in some of the mixes, but if you listen close you will not really ask that question. Not everything may be "Roots Reggae", but it can definitely described as "Fruits Reggae"!


1. "Machine gun" - Mano Negra (France, 1994)
2. "Darker sensimillia" - Sly & Mo (Austria, 1999)
3. "See it coming" - Lotek Hi-Fi (UK, 2003)
4. "Babylon timewarp - Hijack (UK, 2006)
5. "Don´t bodda me" - Beat Pharmacy feat. Paul St. Hilaire (South Africa / Dominica, 2006)



Various Artists - "Stoned" (MP3 Review)


WWW, October 2007 - If you can, take a spliff and feel. Feel the deep, deep DUB vibes of the Orb, Rhythm and Sound and others as they take us to outer space, beyond the border!

Reggae Music and especially DUB has an enormous influence in the development of what we now know as contemporary electronic Dance music.

In fact, the music would have sound quite different if it was not for the fact that well-known producers like the Orb are among the biggest DUB fans on the face of the earth. Drum, bass and effects are now the ruling factors in many musical styles, of which we find some examples in this second episode of the Jamaica Hi-Fi Podcast.

Reggae and DUB purists will recognize just how the Reggae formula is incorporated in the productions, each track coming with a different outcome. One track will be closer to Reggae than the other, one track will be more danceable than the other.

We'll visit the UK, the USA and Germany to explore some chilled-out, yet intense productions all designed to enhance a positive buzz after enjoying a little bit of herb. So when you can, light one spliff or chalice and if you can't, don't worry bout that. The music will show you stuff anyway.


1. "I´m alright (orbing alright in dub)" (The Orb rmx) - Keith Hudson (Jamaica/UK, 1974/2001)
2. "Hands in the dark" - Chromatics (USA, 2005)
3."A way of being free (are you sitting comfortably very smooth, very peaceful mix)" - Dub Trees (UK, 2000)
4."Never tell you" - Rhythm and Sound feat. Tikiman (Germany/Dominica, 1996)
5."Cockney violin" - Caspa (UK, 2006)



Saturday, October 13, 2007

(Dub) Reggae And Consciousness (7)

Dubroom Online - Edition October 13, 2007


WWW, October 13 2007 - Last week, we've touched upon some deeper reasoning behind the combination of (DUB) Reggae and Consciousness.

No, you don't have to play Reggae Music in order to be Conscious. No, you don't have to be Conscious in order to play Reggae.

But it sure helps!

Every day, decade after decade, Reggae Music continues to uplift the hearts and souls of millions of people worldwide.

Word, Sound and Power!

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

Various Artists - Bachelor Style (MP3 Podcast)
Richie Spice - Open The Doors (Video Review)

Various Artists - Bachelor Style (MP3 Podcast)


WWW, October 2007 - 30 minutes of heavy skanking on some rare and underrated Reggae Music cannot be denied by the serious lover of Reggae Music.

Bachelor Style takes us back about two decades in time. A time wherein Rub a Dub music slowly became Dancehall and digital possibilities entered the Reggae Studio's.

Drum computers and digital effects were kind of new back then, which resulted in some interesting experiments and instrumental combinations of which we can hear 8 great examples in this selection.


#1 Babylon Loot Milton Henry Wackie's
#2 Love Is Never Hard To Find The Mighty Diamonds Music Works
#3 Bachelor Style Dubwise Music Works
#4 Nue Put It Deh Santa Ranking Wackie's
#5 Vives Up A Sound Colour Man Creation
#6 Take A Set Sugar Minott Wackie's
#7 Devil's Pickney Sugar Minott Taxi
#8 What's Forever For Max Romeo Wackie's



Richie Spice - Open The Doors (Video Review)

Dubroom (DUB) Reggae Video Review

WWW, October 2007 - Shot at location in one of the most heavy areas of Kingston Jamaica, this impressive video by the well talented Reggae vocalist obviously deserves to be viewed and felt.

Starting of with a quote by MLK, the video sets the tone right from the start. Shots from poverty versus extreme wealth, everything can be found within a few square miles.

The injustice that this situation screams out is very well translated into yet another crucial Reggae Riddim that will touch the heart and soul of every living individual who cares.


Friday, October 12, 2007

(Dub) Reggae And Consciousness (6)

Dubroom Online - Edition October 12, 2007


WWW, October 12 2007 - For years and years and years, the word is used to express a certain "style" within Reggae Music. A "style", that contains lyrics which worship Creator and chant down Babylon Shitstem.

The word was in use years before the New Age Movement came and hijacked it with their own definition which they currently impose on the rest of humanity.

Today, the Dubroom is criticized for not willing to apply the New Age definition of the word and sticking with the original application of it.

That word is "Consciousness".

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

Video: Dennis Brown with Sly and Robbie - Revolution
MP3: Lee Perry - Cloak and Dagger

Video: Dennis Brown with Sly and Robbie - Revolution

Dubroom (DUB) Reggae Video Review

WWW, September 2007 - The Crown Prince of Reggae joins the Riddim Twins to bring a message of encouragement to the nation: time for a Reggae Revolution!

The video records Dennis Brown at his best, this is obvious the second you start playing the video. He becomes stronger and stronger throughout the track, while Sly and Robbie provide their solid foundation in their own cool way.


MP3: Lee Perry - Cloak and Dagger



Nobody really knows just why he burned down his Black Ark studio, but everybody knows the sound he produced throughout the 1970's.

A whole host of Reggae Artists played and voiced crucial material into his multitrack recorder, creating classics like "Heart of the Congo's" and "Police and Thieves".

Righteous Rasta Reggae!

Some albums released under his own name, though, would contain phrases that revealed Perry's personal dislike for the themes covered by the Dreadlocks that would provide him with music for his studio.

Maybe that's an indication why he actually burned down the Ark and now speaks in interviews how he hates dreads.


The title track of the 1972 album features the legendary Reggae Hornsman Tommy Mc Cook, among other stars.

Widely considered to be a pre-cursor to the more heavy forms of DUB, this classic instrumental doesn't yet have the Black Ark sound that made Perry his name.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

(Dub) Reggae And Consciousness (5)

Dubroom Online - Edition October 11, 2007


WWW, October 11 2007 - There are many, many Reggae artists who would present and consider themselves to be spiritually driven in their music.

Whether they're right or wrong about that, the fact is there and the fact is also there that this does not have to cause any problems.

However, sometimes it does. People can get very strange when it comes to spirituality and some of this has to do directly with a real spiritual war that is going on, in the Outernet and therefore in the Internet as well.

If you're not interested in spirituality, please don't read the in-depth article about spiritual war on the Internet.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)


Messian Dread Track "Yesus Messiah" Available For Free Download
Spiritual War On The Internet (A Meditation By Messian Dread)

Messian Dread Track "Yesus Messiah" Available For Free Download


WWW, OCTOBER 2007 - A Radio Version of the Messian Dread track "Yesus Messiah" can be downloaded for free exclusively from the website.

The free downloadable tune is a Radio version for the Messian Dread track "Yesus Messiah". A Discomix version can be found on the album "Showcase", while the riddim is also used on the track "The Word Of JAH" on the free Net Album "Reasonings in Dub".

If you want to know more about the lyrics, please do NOT repeat NOT go to any building called "church" or whatever, but simply tell your Creator you want to follow Him.



Spiritual War On The Internet (A Meditation By Messian Dread)


WWW, October 2007 - The Internet is an enormous battlefield in the ancient war of Satan against JAH and His Creation. Very interesting, because a lot is going on in plain sight and you only need to (use your) eyes to see.

The Internet used to be called a "virtual reality", but that phrase is not as much in use anymore as it used to be. Personally, I am happy with that as there is not so much "virtual" in Cyberspace anyway.

At least, not in relation to what I sometimes refer to as the Outernet.

You could even paraphrase and say: "As it is in the Outernet, so shall it be in the Internet"! For how many people are not living in a virtual reality without even having an Internet account?

Cyberspace is real. It's up to the individual Cybernaut what (s)he's doing in it, but there's nothing virtual about the Internet. It's "just" a place where you can do anything you can do in the Outernet, and more. It's "just" a place where people dwell.

And more than just people, too!

Just like in the Outernet, there is a war going on in Cyberspace. And I am not talking about spammers and stalkers, trolls and Big Brother programs like Echelon, even though these can be symptomatic in a way.

I am talking about a spiritual war. And there's nothing virtual about it!

Actually, I should even be more precise. It's not just a spiritual war, you know. It's the spiritual war between the queendom of darkness and the Kingdom of JAH that we find ourselves in. It's the war that started when Lucifer wanted to rise above the Most High in order to become what he can never be.

This war, therefore, is an ancient war. It started even before mankind was created and nobody really knows how long all of this has been going on.

All of this leaves us with the fact that creation is in a fallen state and there are basically three kinds of beings roaming in it. These beings are all affected by the war, someway or another.

Let's make a summary.

Some are created by Jah and follow Him. These are the angels of Jah, the beings you see described in the Bible, and Jah knows how many more intelligent species He created.

Others are created by Jah but in a fallen state. We find ourselves in this state, as sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. Lucifer and his fallen angelic host will also see themselves described here. However, there's a big difference as they were created perfect and left that state out of their own choice. For us, it's exactly the other way around. Jah made it possible for us to get in contact with Him and even to reach perfection when we leave this physical body to be with Him forever, but we are now in a fallen state because or bodies carry sin.

Then there are those beings who Jah never intended to be in existence in the first place, such as the Nephilim or the unholy offspring of angelic beings and daughters of men as described in Genesis 6.

Basically, when you are one of the three groups described, you are involved in this war. Whether you like it or not, that is. Whether you know it or not, that is.

You might be a warrior, fighting on any side. Depending on which side you're on, you will be either enslaving people or setting them free. You will either chant down Babylon in many levels or try to build her structures.

You might be a victim, imprisoned by the wicked ones and set free by one of JAH's warriors by the Power of Yesus Kristos Who really is JAH. You might even be born again and still affected by the many results of trauma and torture you were given as treatment by your former slave masters and tormenters.

You might be created by Jah, but still on Satan's side and fighting for his interests and you may find yourself in battle with JAH Warriors as a result of it.

Whatever the case, the war is real. Whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not.

For us, this war is spiritual in nature. Spiritual, not because there are no symptoms in this physical realm, but because we are spiritual beings ourselves. When we are born again, that is.

Yesus Kristos came to earth. He is JAH and made it possible for us to become children of the Most High through His Holy Spirit. This makes us spiritual beings who are placed in Jah's Kingdom. It's not about our flesh, our bodies, but about our spirits. For our bodies are still in that fallen state.

Those of us humans who are born in Spirit, know themselves to be placed within something known as "the Body of Christ". This is not the literal physical body of Yesus Kristos, though. It is a description of the total sum of all born again people of all times and places. A mystical assembly that can never be attended by uninvited guests!

Within this body, there are many organs and thing. Everyone has a specific, special place... and function! We function in our own time and place, equipped with a unique combination of gifts and talents that make us do our things as humans and as spirit people.

Our spiritual functions can be quite different than our physical. There's no general rule, as Jah has made everyone in a special way. In fact, those who are the most "important" are usually those who are physically the most despised.

One thing is for sure, though.

All members of the Body of Christ are involved in the spiritual war. Not everyone is a spiritual warrior, but everyone has to fight still. If only in their own lives, for they have to fight down temptations and sins. But usually, it goes a little further than that.

For JAH's spiritual warriors, it definitely goes further than that!

JAH Warriors do many things. Most of the actions can be classified under two main "categories", though. JAH Warriors will chant down Babylon in many ways, while they can also be labeled as Freedom Fighters as they liberate souls out of bondage into freedom.

Chanting down the slave masters and downpressors, setting the captives free and wiping away transgression. In the Name of Yesus.

Satan has his warriors, too. Many of them are not even aware of their identity, as they serve the father of lies who can only get a following by spreading lies anyway. Some are even so blinded, that they think they are JAH Warriors where in fact they are fighting on the other side and doing quite the opposite of what JAH Warriors are (supposed to be) doing.

Satan's warriors enslave souls. They destroy JAH's creation, will even corrupt it for their own use. They do not act out of spiritual motivations at all, as they only strive to serve their own carnal lusts. And in the process, as said, they might even be thinking how they are fighting for the Good Lord God "Jesus Christ".

JAH Warriors do not fight against flesh and blood: the bodies and souls of other humans. JAH Warriors fight for flesh and blood, and against spiritual beings of all kinds and sorts. The weapons of their warfare are not carnal either.

Satan's warriors do fight against flesh and blood, they even need flesh and blood to fight certain battles. Although the demons, fallen angels and what have you have supernatural powers, in the end you see that Satan very much needs the eyes and ears of his minions and even has to make use of technology to get what he wants!

This is where the UFO's enter. This is where Big Brother control programs such as Echelon and what have you enter. This is why Satan need kings and queens to create police states so that they can downpress JAH children in their flesh and blood.

This is where the slave ships enter that took Africans to the so-called New World to work as slaves to build what one "founding father" called "The New Atlantis".

This is where... the Internet enters!

Zillions of gigabytes transfer themselves almost at the speed of light over the cables and satellite airwaves every second. Millions and millions of websites and billions of people enter Cyberspace in search for whatever it is they (think they) are living for.

Websites, Cybernauts, communities, everything that happens in the Outernet is happening in the Internet as well, with this one big difference: in Cyberspace the possibilities to do whatever you want to do are seemingly endless.

You can wake up and travel the world in a few minutes. Checking the news on the other side of the planet, and get to know things from yet another place you can probably never travel to in the Outernet.

Your body might be sitting behind a computer, but in a way your soul is definitely traveling "to and fro" as the saying goes. Spiritually, this has many implications too.

Satan is described as the prince of the power of the air and he is as dependant on technology as human flesh and blood is. He and his warriors or minions, whether spiritual or flesh and blood, are traveling to and fro as well, surfing the world wide web.

Sometimes, they land on the Dubroom as well. The Dubroom Messageboards, for example. Not all of them post, but they will throw curses at others who do. Or they will even try to contact people through private messaging. Some will even try to spread lies and curses from the forum itself, in an attempt to use the Dubroom for their own wicked things.

Take this recent battle with one of such warriors.

This warrior started to post all kinds of glorifications of Satan. He made it clear that he came to mash down the worship of Yesus Kristos the Creator, while in the same time he explained that he was acting out of obedience to an entity he called "god".

He knew himself to be a warrior, even presented himself this way. He simply came for a fight. His weapons? Trickery, deception, even temptations. Spiritually, even. Some of his actions also came with supernatural manifestations even in the Outernet. (MORE)

Satan's warriors do the opposite of what JAH Warriors do. Satan's warriors try to gather souls in order to capture and sell them on the marketplace. And they will need physical/psychological weapons to get there, too!

Don't think that all of Satan's warriors are like lone wolves roaming the Internet and trying to mash down places where some worship of Creator is being practiced.

In fact, they even settle down in certain places in Cyberspace. Yes, there are what you could call possessed websites and the reality of this should not be underestimated at all.

No, it's not just those websites that deadicate themselves to Satan. Not only these websites that are aimed at getting your money in exchange for certain sinful activities. Even though such websites could be seen as enough evidence already of the reality of the fact that yes there are possessed websites aimed at enslaving the souls of men.

No, it's not just these websites of which the owners are working for some kind of sinful goal either. Not just the websites of the obvious cults and religious industrial complexes of any kind present themselves as messengers of "god".

In fact, the owners of the websites do not even have to know about all of this themselves! Of course not, for Satan is a liar and a thief and he will simply use what is not his in the first place. Don't think his minions or warriors will be any different.

Additionally, Satan and his minions are also like pirates. They have to feed themselves in order to exist, and so they will try to find those places where there is food. In their case, human souls. That's why there is a battle in the first place!

JAH Warriors on the other hand get their food and instructions directly from the Most High Himself. JAH's orders are clear: free the captives, wipe away transgression and chant down Babylon wherever He sends His Warriors.

Fully equipped and spiritually conscious, they will simply do what Father JAH tells them to do. Sometimes, they will work together with other warriors of JAH Army, and sometimes they will be "alone".

In Cyberspace, this is no different.

What is different, is that much of it takes place in plain sight because it takes place on the Internet. And exactly this makes spiritual warfare on the Internet so interesting for all of JAH's Children to learn deeper what it means to be involved in this war of Satan against Jah and His Creation.

But you need to use your eyes to see.

JAH Warriors can be Cybernauts who simply surf the world wide web and fight down demonic strongholds. JAH Warriors might have websites themselves, and they might fight against principalities and powers on other sites of which the owners have no idea what's going on.

JAH Warriors will not try to gather souls and make them depending, in other words JAH Warriors are no slave masters. JAH Warriors will on the other hand go directly into strongholds of the enemy, set captives free and point them out directly to the Creator Himself.

JAH Warriors come in many forms and varieties, too. Some you will recognize as they are out there in the open, others will work more covertly in a way.

There are those who break down strongholds and set people free, without these people ever knowing what exactly happened to them. Additionally, some will fight for others who are more in the open. They will "stand in the gap" for a part of the battle that another Warrior is fighting.

The war is real, the spiritual warriors -whether human or otherwise- are real, everything is out there in plain sight for those who have eyes to see. Just like the UFO phenomena is proven to be real because of modern technology, so is the spiritual war of Satan against JAH and His Creation out there in the open on the Internet.

But, just like it is in the Outernet, you need to have eyes to see.

Many people will consider this whole article a waste of time and will probably not even have come this far in this article anyway. They will simply go on with their daily life and will leave the spooky stories up to weirdo's like me, who do consider all of this to be very real and relevant in their own daily life.

Throughout the years, I have seen many forms and varieties of the spiritual war(riors) on the Internet. I have witnessed -and participated in- spiritual battles, there are even sometimes battles going on on the Dubroom Message Boards!

I have seen people being bought and sold into spiritual slavery, I have seen people being set free from it as well. I have seen wolves and other warriors of Satan gather flocks of souls and bind them into spiritual slavery, I have witnessed JAH Warriors set the captives free.

I have -and still am- visiting websites of which I know they are possessed, even by spiritual entities that will sometimes fight me because I visit "their" website. Just like I will visit places in the Outernet of which I know exactly the same.

I will go there and do what I do. Sometimes I just visit, sometimes I will do some thing. Sometimes I am invited, and sometimes I simply go. For those who consider spiritual war to be fictional, I would not do anything they would consider strange, where others definitely know what it is I am doing.

I do not fight flesh and blood. This means, I don't do anything that will harm my brotherman or sisterwoman.

When I visit a website, for example a music website, I will simply post my music as a Reggae Musician because I am a Reggae Musician. I might be surrounded by evil, I will just be myself and present my musical works.

I am also grateful to know that sometimes Jah will use my music to bless other people. I even heard stories how people were being set free in a process that also had the music I create to praise JAH involved with.

They might have downloaded it from a website that will have 99% of Satanic material on it. The owner of that website may not even be aware of the war that takes place under his nose as he is simply pleased with all the traffic.

They might have heard it on a place where I performed where there is usually some very evil stuff going on. the owners of these places might not be aware of all of this either. They might simply be pleased with the fact that the vibe was good while Reggae Music played and don't even think how that could be.

Sometimes, the battle is heavy as Satan's warriors may not like me around. Repeatedly throughout the years, I stumble upon such situations. Christafari, for example, is a big example of this.

You simply are there, as a Reggae Musician, you know, loving Jah and praising Him, and all of a sudden you find yourself surrounded by wolves and hypocrites who pretend to be just like you and you don't even realize it at first glance.

This is what happened to me when I stumbled upon Christafari. Now -over a decade later- I know better and have identified them in body soul and spirit to be workers for Satan on every level of their consciousness, if they have one that is.

I can write a book full of supernatural spooky stories how the occult and the demonic showed their supernatural but ugly face in the help of Christafari. But the nature behind all of this can also be seen too on what is written on the Internet.

As an example of spiritual warfare.

I would like to encourage every child of Jah to pray. Pray, that their eyes will be opened to the reality of the spiritual war that is going on. Pray, that things will be seen from this spiritual perspective rather than a physical or carnal one, so the struggles and tribulations one has to face will be seen in the right perspective too.

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

(Dub) Reggae and Consciousness (4)

Dubroom Online - Edition October 10, 2007


WWW, October 10 2007 - Maybe you're not interested in topics like Jah, Babylon and the (forbidden) history that is so often mentioned in Conscious Reggae lyrics.

But when you love Reggae Music and feel the upfull vibes that uplift the heart and soul of so many sufferers throughout time and space, you will be at least familiar with the terms.

In other words: when you love Reggae Music, you will automatically be confronted with something often referred to as "Consciousness".

Why not check it out?

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

MP3 Podcast: Sugar Minott - Mix Up
Video: Burning Spear and Mutabaruka Live At Reggae Sunsplash, 1982

MP3 Podcast: Sugar Minott - Mix Up


WWW, October 2007 - In 18 tunes, we are introduced to one of Reggae's sweetest singers. Starting where he started, in Studio One, we'll follow Sugar Minott's carrier throughout the decades that were about to follow.

Sugar Minott is a remarkable person within Reggae Music. He is said to be the Godfather of Rub a Dub, as he was (one of the) first to sing heartically over Dub Reggae tunes. His sweet, soulful voice is able to outdo every popular singer of lover's tunes and not just within Reggae Music.

Although Sugar sings the sweetest Lover's tunes, he will also sing praises to Yesus (JAH) many times. He will chant down Babylon, he will sing about truths and rights. And he will combine Lover's lyrics with Spiritual lyrics in a righteous way, too.

Because his carrier lasts over several decades, Sugar's material isn't limited to one particular style of Reggae Music either. Rockers, Dancehall, Rub a Dub style, Sugar will ride any kind of riddim with his soulful voice.

All of this can be confirmed by listening to the 42 minutes of Sugar's work, carefully compiled by DJ Dr. Tahl. Nice effects take us from one track to the next one, vinyl scratches galore, and we'll be heavy skanking from the top to the very last drop.

Nuff Niceness!


01 Lovers Rock
02 Man Hungry
03 House Is Not A Home
04 Come Sister Come
05 Funny Tricks
06 Unknown Track
07 Hard Time Pressure
08 Jah is On My Mind
09 Jah Loves His People
10 Pick Up The Pieces
11 Bubbling
12 Rhythm Matic
13 Walking Through the Ghetto
14 Row Fast
15 Change Your Ways
16 This Old Man
17 Jah I Love You
18 Gwaan My Youth



Video: Burning Spear and Mutabaruka Live At Reggae Sunsplash, 1982

Dubroom (DUB) Reggae Video Review

WWW, September 2007 - Burning Spear and Mutabaruka are both well-known for spreading their Rastafarian message.

In the year 1982, Rub a Dub music was the most popular form of Reggae. But definitely not the only one!

DUB Poetry was already made into a genre of itself, spearheaded by ones like and Mutabaruka. Deep Roots Reggae was well represented by Burning Spear and was -in spite of preterists who like to think Roots is something of the past- not about to go away either.

Burning Spear and Mutabaruka both performed on the Jamaican Reggae Sunsplash festival, the "Mother of all Reggae Festivals" if you will. In this video we are treated with two excellent tracks performed by the two strong vocalists.


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

(Dub) Reggae and Consciousness (3)

Dubroom Online - Edition October 9, 2007


WWW, October 9 2007 - Our promotion of (DUB) Reggae and Consciousness is appreciloved by most of the Dubroom visitors and readers.

Site stats show that most apprecilove this combination, too. Reggae Music makes you strong and Consciousness helps you finding out just what's going on.

Some have questions, such as "why do you write about UFO's, shouldn't you just write about Reggae Music and Jah Rastafari"?

This question is answered in an in-depth article you can find in this edition of Dubroom Online.

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

MP3 Podcast: Mama ASID meets Mikey Dread
UFO: Sightings and Writings (by Messian Dread)

MP3 Podcast: Mama ASID meets Mikey Dread


WWW, October 2007 - In this revealing interview, Mikey Dread talks about his story and exposes an imposter, while some of his best tunes are played. Welcome to Bad Gals Radio!

"Dread at the Controls" makes the heart of every Reggae love beat a little bit harder. The name of the first Jamaican Reggae Radio Show ever to flow over the airwaves rings a bell to everyone even remotely familiar with the history of Reggae Music.

The Dread at the Controls was Michael Campbell, aka Mikey Dread. An accomplished vocalist, producer and performer, the brother is active until this very date.

In the September 30 episode of Bad Gals Radio, Mikey Dread joins the host Mama Asid for the first part of a very interesting interview, in hich he reveals how the classic "Barber Saloon" was never intended to be released, and more interesting details concerning his story.

There is also another reason why this interview should be heard.

The fact that Mikey Dread is a well-known, open and friendly Rastaman who is willing to go very far to just promote Reggae Music, unfortunately also attracts vampires. Vampires who will use the name Mikey Dread without being Mikey Dread. Who will run around pretending to be the original Dread at the Controls without being him.

Unfortunately, the sound quality of the interview is really, eer... bad.

BROADCASTER'S COMMENTS: We clear the air on all the little controversies that have clouded the air and added to the mystery of Mikey Dread; both as a Performer and Producer. We get to the bottom on how and why he Became "Mikey Dread" as well if or not he Produced "The Clash". Also we talk about that mine field between he and former partner "Edi Fitzroy". READ MORE


This Bounty of Dub includes such world classics as:

Knock Knock
Barber Saloon
Industrial Spy
Roots and Culture - Original Version Introduced Live by Mikey Dread
Break Down the Walls
First Generation
Inna Foreign



UFO: Sightings and Writings (by Messian Dread)


WWW, October 2007 - Sometimes people ask me why I write and publish about the UFO phenomena. The answer can be found in this meditation.

I remember it very clearly, even though I was a little child when it happened. It was dark, and I was looking outside to the stars as I was preparing to go to sleep. Not that I was particularly interested in what was going on up there, I just did it.

I don't know much about the stars. Needles to say, that I knew even less when I was a kid. But I did know that what I was beholding in the sky, was not an airplane and was not a star either.

It was, what we would call a UFO. It was also somewhere in the early 1970's and I had never heard about UFO's. But I did know that what I saw, was pretty unusual.

I saw three lights rotating like crazy around one light in the middle (see picture). It went on for what seemed to be hours, but was probably around 15-30 minutes. I looked and said to myself: "These are probably angels", and because there wasn't really much to see I went to bed and fell asleep.

Fast forward about 25-30 years.

In the meantime, I had been through a lot of things and experiences concerning the supernatural or the paranormal. I learned how the UFO phenomenon is "just" a part of the spiritual realms, I found out what my own position in this scheme-of-things was.

I know and reason with many people who have similar experiences. Many of my friends have (had) their own sightings, and some even seem to have the "ability" to call UFO's out of nowhere. A thing which I personally consider foolish and dangerous, unnecessary and not without consequences either.

It happened when I joined a very diverse group of friends and acquaintances for a weekend in the forests close to where I live. Nothing special, just a weekend out there...

After we put up our tents, we sat down to basically enjoy ourselves. One guy tells me: "Hey man, what's that up there?" and I look to the sky.

I see nothing.

But then, a little "star" seemed to get bigger and indeed it did. It grew until it had become larger than the moon and started to light up the place where we were.

Apart from the fact that indeed here we had another UFO, it was kind of noteworthy that this person apparently called up this UFO: he told me to look up before the thing actually showed up!

I did what I always do when I see a UFO or an ungodly spirit: I told the thing to go away in the Name of Yesus Kristos. It took the guy about 3 or 4 seconds to warn me and (make?) the UFO to show up, it took the UFO about one second to disappear in the very same way as it appeared.

Later, we read in the newspaper how a couple was less "fortunate" than we. It turned out, they had been chased by a UFO throughout a large part of the very same night, just a couple of miles from where we were camping.

So, yes, I had several sightings in my life. Sightings of UFO's and spirits. Sightings in which I myself play a part too, and it started when I was very young.

Needles to say, these kind of experiences make one want to find out what's going on out there. Obviously it's not a question as to whether UFO's are real or not, but the phenomenon definitely needs research and interpretation.

To me, none of this is theory even though I study the phenomenon on an intellectual basis too. But even without such experiences, there is proof that the whole thing is real, and therefore it has to have a place within the enormous story of the Creator and His creation.

And indeed it does...

UFO's are "chariots" for multidimensional and inter-planetary travel, in use by spirit beings and humans alike. The ancient books describe them, revealing how there's nothing new under the sun either. Archeology shows the very same thing and everything turns out to be connected with Babylon Queendom.

Keywords to find this connection can be found in the bible. When Jah walked on earth as a Man, warning us for the return of the "Days of Noah". When Jah walked on earth, describing Himself as the "Son of Man", a direct quote from the ancient Book of Enoch.

This ancient Book of Enoch (NOT to be mistaken with the New Age document "Keys of Enoch") reveals to great detail just what went on during the days of Noah. It's also described in the Bible, by the way, in Genesis 6.

The ancient accounts tell us how the Watchers or Sons of God came down and created offspring with the people -and animals- of this earth. These Watchers can best be described as "angelic beings", and their offspring are generally known as the Giants or the Nephilim.

They were also the reason why the Creator sent the Great Flood over the earth. These Nephilim were never supposed to be in existence in the first place anyway, and they were mashing up creation in such a way that no flesh JAH had created would have survived if they would have continued.

During the Days of Noah, the Watchers and the Nephilim had a great time. They were killing and corrupting all that Jah created, teaching the people how to kill each other and commit all kinds of fornication.

Ancient findings in Sumeria, such as the one of which you can see a picture here, show reptilian beings feeding babies in a way reptile animals do not. This particular statue is said to be from the days of Noah, by the way.

The Nephilim multiplied themselves to the point wherein the very existence of humanity was threatened.

In other words: humanity had almost ceased to exist.

So JAH sent the Great Flood. He also made sure that it would take the Watchers and Nephilim a very, very long time before they would be able again to try and take over the planet and kill humanity in the process.

After the Great Flood, Nephilim were born too. Actually, it happens whenever the Sons of God have sex with the Daughters of Men. They were the ancient god-kings, the god-men, of which many stories are told.

Nephilim are born, and they die. And when Nephilim die, they just lose their bodies. However, their spirits still roam the earth. We know them as the demons who look to posses bodies.

Of course, this is not an ideal situation for the wicked ones. Since they hate humans and have to use our bodies as "containers" in order to do what they want, they are working very hard to re-create the situations of the Days of Noah.

Yesus warned us for exactly this. He said, the wicked would attempt to re-install the situation as it was in the Days of Noah. In fact, they have been working on that ever since the waters of the Great Flood resided.

With propaganda concerning the Days of Noah, with promises of a "post-humanity" as a next step in the so-called "evolution of mankind", with UFO sightings and writers like Zechariah Sitchin and Erich von Daniken, with attempts of ones like Adolph Hitler who tried to create "The New Man", the "Aryan" which was NOT a human, we have signs galore that we have indeed reached.. the Days of Noah!

2012. Atlantis. The "return of the gods". A "global awakening of mankind". Too much evidence that all of this is talking about real things.

We find out, that the governments of the earth are in contact with the Watchers. Of course! The Bible describes it in the second psalm, for example. We find out, that there's nuff things going on in outer space, and directly around us in dimensions that we cannot usually see with our physical senses.

We find out, that the Watchers present themselves as "Star People", people from different solar systems and planets. And in fact, these beings do exist and they come in many forms and varieties, species and races.

Yes, they drive UFO's too.

Sure, they work with the governments and give them a little technology too. Just like the Book of Enoch describes, the governments want the technology and the Watchers want... women!

So we see stories about abductions, where secret government programs and alien beings are involved in what seems to be a desperate attempt to create a new species, a new form of Nephilim, to replace mankind.

Far-stretched? When you think about the evolution theories, when you think about the fact that we face all kinds of genetic manipulation and realize how universities have conferences on how to deal with "post-humans", it shouldn't be.

When you realize how Hitler was talking about the "Aryans", a term he got from Mme Blavatsky who referred to them as a race of giants from the Days of Noah, you realize even more.

There is a certain race of white "aliens", called the "Nordics" (picture). They look like white people, but they are not white people.

Could these be the real Aryans that Hitler and Blavatsky spoke about? Aryans looking for bodies to posses, preferably of the white race?

For we have to connect this with the knowledge that many Nephilim are disembodied spirits, looking for humans to posses.

I believe that Hitler wanted the Europeans to be possessed with the spirits of the Nephilim, making the Europeans think that they themselves were the Aryans. Breeding programs like "Lebensborn" in which the Nazi's tried to create the Super Race out of the penis of an SS soldier are very relevant in this context!

Possession. UFO's. A plan, even a program, to re-create the Days of Noah. A connection with Adolph Hitler and the New Age Movement. All of this as a close cooperation project between the "Kings and Rulers", both physical and spiritual.

We have come to know it under the name "Mystery of Iniquity". We have come to know it under the name "Mystery Babylon".

As time goes on, and Babylon is working towards her coming downstruction -since Jah is not going to allow them to succeed-, the signs become more and more clear.

And this is where I believe my own personal experiences and research come in. This is why I publish about all of this.

I saw UFO's, and I was possessed by demons from a very young age. I know from experience, that "something is out there" and I equally know by experience that "someone's possessed me".

It was Yesus Kristos, Who set me free. I am a free man for many years now, and I waited for many years before starting to write about all of this in the way I do currently. I can witness and testify about the reality of Babylon System, about the demons and the UFO's, but I can also witness and testify that I know JAH is going to end her wicked plan before all flesh is corrupted again.

I know that weird times are ahead of us. Weird times, in which the atheists and all other world religions will be forced to admit their flaws. Will be forced to admit how they really are... one, for they all come out of the same inspirational source indeed.

Times in which "mankind will unite" together with our "space brothers" who will help us get into the next phase of our "human evolution".

Times which Yesus called the Days of Noah.

I am just a very humble, small witness. I know people who have witnessed much more heavy stuff than I did. But it's not about that at all.

It's about what all these things mean.

They mean trouble. They mean trouble for the human race and even for the whole of creation. They indicate that we are entering into the Armageddon times.

Much of what we know about the Days of Noah comes straight from the Book of Enoch. Quoted and called prophecy in the Bible, this book had been preserved in the ancient land of Ethiopia. Next to the Ark of the Covenant. Next to the bloodline of King David, even.

My own personal experiences simply will do not give me the luxury to treat all of this as a nice topic to research, some conspiracy theory to waste my mind with.

I know and respect the fact that -fortunately- there are still many people who have not been through such experiences. I don't expect anyone to believe me, which is exactly why I publish material about all of this.

It is a serious topic. Yes, there is evidence. Nuff, nuff evidence. To deny the existence of the UFO's and the Nephilim is to deny the existence of Mystery Babylon. To deny the existence of UFO's and the Nephilim is to deny the fact that Yesus warned us for the Days of Noah and kept information about it in Ethiopia until the days were there that things had to be revealed.

To laugh about UFO's is even far worse. The things that happen in these things are -according to witnesses- too perverse to mention on this page. Satanic Ritual Abuse, abominable genetic manipulation, and yes: slavery.

So everything is connected: From the Space Ships (UFO's) who take humans and rape -even kill- them and make them works as slaves, to the Slave Ships that took the Africans to the so-called New World to build a society that "founding father" Francis Bacon described in his book "The new Atlantis", centuries ago.

All I do, in this context, is to be a witness. A witness of my own personal experiences, and a witness of the findings of my research, too.

One Love, Give Thanks
Messian Dread

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