Monday, October 29, 2007

Inglan Is A Bitch: Two Tone (MP3 Review)


WWW, October 2007 - TWO TONES: More than just a label. The Two Tones were Black and White. Two Tone Ska incorporated Reggae, Jamaican Ska and even Punk with the sole intention to chant down racism.

Most people will associate skinheads with white racists having more hair than brains. The bomber jacks, army boots: they're a too familiar sight in Europe and elsewhere.

Not too many people know, that the very word "skinhead" was used in Jamaica years before white racists would adopt a name of which they themselves do not even know the roots of. A 1960's track by Desmond Dekker called "Hippopotamus" makes a mention of them...

There's a similar thing going on with the word SKA. Reggae lovers will know, that the word refers to one of the predecessors of Reggae Music. Ska is Jamaican Music from the 1960's.

Ska is also music from the 1980's, centered around a label called TWO TONE. The name of the label was soon to become the name of a Movement, wherein a large part consisted out of anti-racist Skinheads who, you could say, knew their Roots.


1. "Night boat to Cairo" - Madness (1979)
2. "Special brew" - Bad Manners (1980)
3. "The selecter" - The Selecter (1979)
4. "Mirror in the bathroom" - The Beat (1980)
5. "Ghost town" - The Specials (1981)



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