Sunday, January 16, 2011

Radio Dubroom 2011 Chapter 3: A Reggae Livication to All Peace Makers And Not War Mongers

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WWW, January 2011 - This third chapter of Radio Dubroom 2011 is livicated to the workers of Equal rights and Justice, because without these two conditions there will be no peace as the Conscious Rastaman has been chanting from the ancient days until this very moment. The livication comes with true Roots Rockers, represented by Price Far I, Yabby You, Edi Fitzroy and many others.
The set starts with an extremely nice Reggae tune by the German band Dubious Neighborhood, followed by Benaiah and Edi Fitzroy telling it just like it is. The classic Rub a Dub tune Murderer, sung by Baqrrington Levy, subsequently introduce us to some more historical music until the end of the show.
Prince Far I has a message to those who still do not know the Bible Message that War is Over when Natty Dread Come Over, and Yabby You identifies the Anti-Christ whose followers claim to follow the true Christ. Johnny Clarke reminds us about the ancient prophecy that in the end Every Knee Shall Bow, after which we go into a segment of stricktly Dub Vibes.
From the album "In The Light", Horace Andy chants down Babylon and Prince Jammy transforms the musical atmosphere into a Natural Mystic that will go straight to the soul of the Conscious people, only to lead us straight into two crucial Discomixes by the singer Junior Ross who makes it very clear where Rasta comes from, without apology.
The show closes off with another two Dubs, each one carrying enough lyrical content to leave no doubts: yes, this is A Reggae Livication To All Peace Makers And Not War Mongers.
Go Deh!
01. Dubious Neighborhood - Mama Africa (Mix 2000) (See More)
02. Benaiah - We Nah Give Up ( Legacy)
03. Benaiah - We Nah give Up Dubwise ( Legacy)
04. Edi Fitzroy - Hold the Vibes (Free and Legal MP3 Download HERE)
05. Barrington Levy - Murderer (Free and Legal MP3 Download HERE)
06. Prince Far I - No More War (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
07. Prince Far I - No More War Dubwise (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
08. Yabby You - Anti-Christ (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
09. King Tubby's - Anti-Christ Dub (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
10. Johnny Clarke - Every Knee Shall Bow (Discomix) (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
11. Inner Circle - Shaky Dub (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
12. Prince Jammy's - Cop's Spy (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
13. Horace Andy - Leave Rasta (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
14. Prince Jammy's - Rasta Dub (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
15. Prince Jammy's - Music Dub (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
16. Prince Jammy's - Fever Dub (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
17. Junior Ross and Spear - So Jah Jah Say (Discomix) (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
18. Junior Ross and Spear - Jah Love (Discomix) (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
19. Yabby You - No Tarry Yah (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)
20. Prince Far I - Ears To Hear Dubwise (Copyrighted by Blood And Fire)

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