Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Radio Dubroom 2012 Chapter 3: DUB Heavyweights Outa Cyberspace


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WWW, August 2012 -  With the exception of the first track in this chapter of Radio Dubroom 2012, every single title can be downloaded for free and legal from and -again- with the exception of the first selection, this is a show filled with heavy steppin' DUBS and a few vocals. This is some of the hardest contemporary DUB from all over the globe fe true!

As said, the opening track is the only exception when it comes to availability and drum rhythm. It's definitely not an exception to the High Quality material presented in this non-stop mix. Singer Izyah Davis, whom we'll meet again later in the show opens up with a touching DUB from UK based Producer and Drummer Fullness.

Next up are two vocals and one DUB by the French vocal duo Fu Steps, really an impressive vocal talent and skill is represented in the music. The tracks are recently reviewed in the Dubroom, by the way, just like the hard stepping DUBS that are about to follow: Kanka, Digitaldubs with -again- Izyah Davis, and Gary Clunk.

DUB Soldier's "Riots Inna Babylon", which was played once in an earlier chapter of Radio Dubroom, and the Natural Warriors' "Dubwise Attak" are downloaded from the great DUB resource and social website called Talawa. When you want the tracks, you'll have to register but that would only open you up to some very interesting material when it comes to DUB and ROOTS.

A few steppers with a less electronic sounding instrumentation is there too, in the form of Jahno's "Geddion Style" and PAMA, the UK based band that most surprisingly signed up with a label that never signs artists: Trojan. One of the two DUBS is even mixed by none other than the Mad Professor!

R.E. Sistance In DUB and BR Styler's "Hemp DUB" are both taken from Alambic Conspiracy's "Missing Dub Versions", a free album reviewed in the Dubroom. The heavyweight Alpha & Omega stepper from Disciple's Roaring Lion riddim with singer Dan-I is another beauty from the Talawa website, where you can also find producers themselves uploading a tune here and there.

Massive DUB Corporation and Don Fe are there too, each one with a hard hitting Steppers DUB and each one mixed in their own style. Dubalizer's "Soldier of DUB", which was played before on Radio Dubroom is another gem from Cyberspace just like the last two tracks: first the DUB, and the the vocal called "Keep an Eye" mixed by Gary Clunk and beautifully sung by Sis Bethsabee.

Another hard hitting selection fe real!


01. Fullness and Izyah Davis - Babylon System Dub (MORE INFO)
02. Massive DUB Corporation and Fu Steps - Babylon Soldiers (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE)
03. Fu Steps - No Peace For The Wicked (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE)
04. Fu Steps - No Peace For The Wicked DUB (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE)
05. Kanka - Aapopdub (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE)
06. Digitaldubs and Izyah Davis - DUB Kingdom Come (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE)
07. Gary Clunk - Headlong (Part 2) (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE)
08. DUB Soldier - Riots Inna Babylon (Part 2) (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE)
09. Natural Warriors - Dubwise Attak (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE)
10. Jahno - Geddion Style (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE)
11. Mad Professor and PAMA - Justified DUB (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE)
12. PAMA - It's All About The DUB (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE)
13. R.E. Sistance in DUB - Unity (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE)
14. B.R. Stylers - Hemp DUB (Rusty Remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE)
15. Dan I with Alpha & Omega featuring Disciples - Roaring Lion DUB Plate Mix (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE)
16. Massive DUB Corporation - Horns Man (from King Earthquake) (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE)
18. Dubalizer with Nell and Mc Bing Man - Soldiers Of DUB (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE)
19. Gary Clunk with Sista Bethsabee - Keep An Eye DUB (FREE DOWNLOAD HERE)
20. Gary Clunk with Sista Bethsabee - Keep An Eye FREE DOWNLOAD HERE)


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