Sunday, February 3, 2008


Dubroom Online - Edition February 3, 2008


WWW, February 3 2008 - The existence of the 70 or 72 different gods, all appointed to one region on earth, was no question to the people who lived just after the Tower of Bab-el incident.

People would -and will still- see them, or their agents, in their flying craft. Ancient accounts and contemporary UFO sightings from all over the world are remarkably identical, while archeological finds and sites will confirm the very same fact.

The gods required worship and even sacrifices, and -just like today- they had the priests and kings to make sure they got what they wanted.

Researchers of all walks of life have uncovered, how after the Great Flood there was one basic religion and how this religion is the mother of all current religions.

This religion in the Mystery Religion of Babylon!

More tomorrow...

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)




WWW, January 2008 - Well over 70 minutes of deep drum and bass lines, mixed into one non-stop Reggae Music experience, Sound System Style: time for another episode of the Ambassada Hi Power Podcast!

DJ Ian Irie comes again with a box full of crucial tunes and a mixing board full of effects of which he leaves no button untouched throughout the entire show.

Don't download if you don't like Roots Music from Jamaica and UK. Deep Roots Music from Jamaica's best studio's as well as UK DUB Producers, voiced by a number of crucial vocalists.

Don't download if you can't stand Conscious and Spiritual lyrics. The majority of selections are deep DUBs, but there's some crucial vocal tracks as well, most of which carry a Conscious message.

Don't download if you don't like Reggae Sound Systems who can trace their history back to the 1970's. Especially not when they use their decades of experience to provide you with a downloadable experience to be enjoyed at your own leisure for free.

Don't download, if you don't like to burn the show to CD and take it in your car or in your I-Pod for some Ire Enjoyment. Especially don't download, when you don't like (upfull) Reggae Music!

In all other cases: you know what to do!


01) Legalise Ganja - V.Jones
02) Still A Burn - T.Curtis
03) Money Dub
04) We Won't Stop Now - J.Clarke
05) Every Step - D.Peach
06) Jah Creation - E.Bellot
07) Step Dub
08) Visionary - S.(marley) Wright
09) Pasture Dub
10) Step it Up Rasta - D.Hartley
11) Step it Dub Rasta
12) Every Little Thing - R. Taylor
13) Every little Dub - Taxi Gang
14) Jahovia - J. Osbourne
15) Natural Melody - R.Manaseh
16) Organic Dub
17) Kaballah Dub - Sly & Robbie
18) Bad Man Come & Go - R.Taylor
19) No Bother Chuck It - Dillinger
20) Firehouse Rock - Wailing Souls



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