Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dubroom Online - Edition September 6, 2007

Dubroom Online - Edition September 6, 2007

WWW, September 6 2007 - Reggae Music has a future, because Reggae Music has a history. The music is very much alive, and keeps attracting new generations throughout the decades.

New generations, who are usually very much interested in the older recordings of this living music, too.

Today, we deal a little bit with that history as we have reviewed two video's for you. There's a presentation of UK DUB Duo Alpha and Omega's album discography that we couldn't refuse, and a historical recording of a Rub a Dub event ion Jamaica, somewhere in the early 1980's.

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Video: Yellowman and others, Live at Skateland, 1980's

Video: The History Of Alpha and Omega Part 1 - Albums

Babylon Observer: Biblical Flying Serpents on Video

Video: Yellowman and others, Live at Skateland, 1980's


Pre-recorded tracks carrying a heavy drum and bassline serves as the backing of a vocalist who rhythmically chants his message on top of the music. Seems kind of normal, in this 21st century, and so it is.

But where does it come from, in the first place?

Obviously, this is a thing that started with U Roy as he cultivated his "toasting" for King Tubby's HiFi Sound System back in the 1960's. Things went on from there and in the 1980's it was time for Rub a Dub or early Dancehall.

However, Rub a Dub music itself is underrepresented in the flood of Reggae re-releases. It's disregarded as completely uninteresting by "Reggae Specialists" who think that Reggae Music died in the 1970's.

How wrong they are...

Rub a Dub actually paved the way for Rap and House/Techno, to name just two very popular forms of contemporary music. And the music itself cannot be denied either, as we will see in this great Rub-A-Dubumentary.

"Live in Skateland" is a great video registration from the early 1980's, when Rub a Dub style was at it's peak. After the culture is explained a little, the sights and sounds that follow are pretty much self-explanatory.

We'll see the meaning of the phrase "Give Thanks and Praise while Chalice Blaze". We'll we move and groove along with the people who are enjoying themselves. We'll see sensuality that would later become more and more extreme. the sights in this video will also not be pleasing to everyone, in that context...

We'll see and a host of Rub A Dub stars: Ranking Toyan, Josey Wales, Lee van Kleef, Louis Lepke, and of course: Yellowman.

Yellowman is usually known for his slackness: that is more or less pornographic talk. As the video reaches to it's end, we will see "The King Of Jamaican DJ" and hear him livicate his performance to another DJ, man called Charlie Chaplin.

As the people and the atmosphere gets hotter, we'll see Yellowman's skills as he chants about... women. But this time, he has a different thing to say. He says, that he doesn't want a "pretty woman" because after a while they turn into "damn green lizards".

Yellowman at his best!

Rub a Dub at it's best!

If you can take it, that is...


Video: The History Of Alpha and Omega Part 1 - Albums


In almost 9 1/2 minutes, we are taken through the complete discography of albums by one of the most important names in the history of UK DUB: Alpha and Omega.

This Dynamic Duo of Dub has produced a number of albums and singles that demand respect, and more than that. It is pure love of Jah and Jah Music, which made them do what they are doing until this very day: spreading positive vibes where this is oh so necessary.

Even this presentation of their albums (remember: just the albums!) comes in a creative way, it is true pleasure for the eye and ear to hear where Alpha and Omega are coming from, where they are now, and where they are going to!


Biblical Flying Serpents on Video


In the ancient book of the Bible, we can read the following enigmatic sentence:

"for out of the serpent's root shall come forth a cockatrice, and his fruit [shall be] a fiery flying serpent." (IsaJah 14:29b )

Biblical experts will tell us, that these flying serpents are mentioned throughout the whole Bible. The "arrows that fly by day" in the 91st Psalm could very well be a reference to these beings, too.

We know from archeological findings that the knowledge about these beings was definitely not limited to the writers of the Good Book either. And in this time, we can see them as they are recorded on video.

According to the makers of the video "UFO's, the Greatest Story Ever Denied", flying serpents were first caught on video somewhere in 1994 in the neighborhood of the small town of Roswell, New Mexico, somewhere in the USA.

A sign of the time?


And it's not the first sign to come out of that area too...

Earlier, in 1947, Roswell was in the headlines as a UFO has crashed there, a thing which was first admitted but later covered up by the military.

But let's stick with the "critters", as the UFOlogists call the flying serpents.

Flying Serpents been recorded on video many times now. They come in all kinds of variations, too.

Small ones, giant ones, light and dark. They are recorded around people, and they are recorded in the earth's atmosphere by NASA camera's, as we can see in the video "The Secret NASA Transmissions".

They can pop in and out of our four-dimensional realm, and more often than not their existence is accompanied by other strange supernatural phenomena and: bad tidings...

Obviously, these beings are not insects. Obviously, they are not "flying saucers" either. Obviously they exist because they are recorded on video and the Babylon Observer is also aware of reliable witnesses who see these beings with their physical eyes.

Deeper research reveals, that the Flying Serpents are closely connected with the "Principalities and Powers of the Air", as the good book calls the supernatural forces of darkness that run the shitstem we call Babylon.

They come "out of the root of the root of the serpent", which simply means they are like the grandchildren of Satan himself.

Yes, they bring evil and destruction. It's a sign of the times, that more and more people see them. It's a warning: be serious, be vigilant, make sure you have peace with the Creator.


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