Monday, March 17, 2008


Dubroom Online - Edition March 17, 2008


WWW, March 17 2008 - The ancient Maya believed how white men would come as ambassadors of Quetzalquatl, who founded their civilization.

It doesn't take a long course in world history to see how their prophecy was fulfilled. White men did come, stole their land, and took Africans as slaves to build the "New World".

However, there is enough evidence to proof how Christopher Columbus did not "discover America" at all. The only difference between him and the countless ones before him was, that he planted his flag on land that was not his'.

In other words, the "discovery" of "America" was part of a globalization plan and it came straight out of Europe.

More Tomorrow...

Give Thanks, One Love,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)


Monday, March 17, 2008



WWW, March 2008 - The introduction of the 21st episode of the House of Reggae produces a smile, and sets the vibe for what is to come: another hour of crucial Reggae Edutainment, presented by our very hospitable host.

When a Podcast truly adds something to the enormous amount of good material out here inna Cyberspace, you got something truly special on your hard drive.

When you've downloaded the file, that is.

When this Podcast then turns out to be part of a series, you got a true treasure in your computer, that you will want to archive for posterity.

When you've downloaded all the files, that is.

The House of Reggae series is such a Podcast and the obvious advice is, to download each and every episode while you still can. You will have a priceless audio Reggae encyclopedia that will cover everything from the ancient 1950's to the current days in the early 21st century.

In the 21st episode, our host gives us another hour full of crucial Reggae sounds and interesting information that will definitely help us apprecilove the music even more. He carefully selects and does actual research for every show, in order to continue contributing significantly to the promotion of (DUB) Reggae Music with a wonderful series.

Got it? Get it!


01. Freddie McGregor - Homeward Bound
02. The Gaylads - Don't Say No
03. Errol Dunkley - Shelly Belly Rock
04. The Mighty Diamonds - Gates Of Zion 12"
05. The Viceroys - Heart Made Of Stone
06. The Melodians - Passion Love
07. Johnny Osbourne - Give Me Love
08. U Brown - Hugging And Kissing
09. Chezidek - Call Pon Dem
10. Chaka Demus - World Wide Trouble
11. Leroy King - Mash Down Babylon
12. Jah Berry - Chant Down Babylon
13. Freddie McGregor & Toyan - Roots Man Skanking 12"



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