Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Age Rage: Michael Tsarion


WWW, December 2007 - Introducing Michael Tsarion, New Age apologist and defender of the Luciferian faith.

Don't tell anyone who he really is, though: "The only debate I'll give this pathetic specimen is with my fist."

Meet Michael Tsarion, descendant of a long bloodline of Irish druids.

For a couple of hundred dollars, he will sell you a DVD set wherein he will brainwash you for well over ten hours with what can only be described as a total apology of Satanism.

The Babylon Observer heard him talk about the "fine book" of Mme Blavatsky, Isis Unveiled. Blavatsky can be seen as the mother of the New Age Movement, as she published a number of books in the 19th century that laid down the foundation for what we now call the New World Order, the restoration of "Atlantis" or to put it biblically: the Days of Noah.

Another time, he will defend Aleister Crowley, father of modern Satanism and "World Culture" who channeled "The Book of the Law". Satan's law, to be precise. Crowley was known to be a ritual abuser of children, and even tried to create a body for the Antichrist, which he called "The Babilon Works".

Tsarion will start his DVD set with stating one has to put the Bible aside, and instead turn to mythology and treat it like "Gospel Truth". However, he himself will continually quote the very Bible he says should be put aside, to make his points.

Let's take just one example of the fact that his logic is very far from what is usually seen as such.

The Babylon Observer heard him say in the DVD set: "The Bible says that God created man and woman, this means that God is neither man or woman. Additionally, the Hebrew word for God is female".

Not, that Mr. Tsarion will explain just why God cannot be a male and create male and female in the same time. Apparently, God is a female because some man-made language supposedly has the word in a female form. And apparently, the female God is able to create Man and Woman, but the male God is not.

With logic like this, and a clear agenda to make people believe the New Age agenda, it is obvious that people will disagree and even expose him for what he really is: an apologist for Luciferianism.

One of these people is Chris White of the Nowhere to Run broadcast that can be heard on the American Revere Radio Network as well as the Internet. In two great broadcasts, he has exposed Michael Tsarion's doctrines as well as his long bloodline of generational Luciferians.

Just recently, the Babylon Observer learned just how Michael Tsarion responds to the fact that he is being exposed. To be more accurate, Tsarion responds to his followers who asked why he didn't want to "debate" Chris White.

While admitting to what he calls "a few errors", he basically says he doesn't want to debate Chris White because the broadcaster hasn't purchased all of Tsarion's material, which costs 100's of dollars by the way.

That is to say, a debate with words. Someone like Tsarion who claims to know all about language, is unable to use this very same language to make his points.

Quoting Tsarion in a response on his forum: "The only debate i'll give this pathetic specimen is with my fist."

Read all about this latest example of NEW AGE RAGE in a recent news item by Outlaw News and join the Most High Jah in a good laugh (Psalm 2) over Tsarion's response, that is included as well.


Outlaw News
December 16, 2007

New Age guru Michael Tsarion, who has recently been publicly exposed as a Freemason and generational occultist, has threatened physical violence against one of the people who assisted this exposure - Chris White, of the 'Nowhere to Run' internet radio show, who recently did a show on Tsarion's occult connections, noting among other things that he is an admitted member of the Rosicrucian Order.

This show was brought up on Tsarion's forum, and rather than respond to any of the facts brought up by Chris, Tsarion simply called him "trash who has emerged from his fucking toilet" and then stated that "the only debate i'll give this pathetic specimen is with my fist" (entire response posted below).

Though this comment was somewhat offhand, and not something one would really take to court as a threat of assault, it shows Tsarion's mindset. By degrading Chris with Ad Hominem attacks, Tsarion claims that he has no obligation to respond to any of the facts he brought up.

When I tried to go on his forum and bring up some of the facts mentioned on the show, my comment was denied approval by one of the Admins. This doesn't surprise me. If you go on his forum, you will see that people are talking about the show, but none of them have said one word about the actual content of it. This is because any mention of the facts brought up in the show is disallowed from Michael Tsarion's forum. I encourage anyone who doubts this to go and try to post something negative about "Mtsar" on his forum.

His forum is filled with people who follow him with religious fervor, and on my own forum, I have found that his followers will viciously attack anyone who mentions anything negative about their great spiritual leader. This is no different from the behavior of the members of any other cult.

All of this is simply further proof of what those of us in the know were already well aware of: Michael Tsarion is a fake and a shill, put out by the powers that be to mix fact with fiction and create mass confusion among our movement. He promotes the belief in aliens as well as a mass of other occult garbage including tarot cards and astrology. He also promotes the Rothschild funded philosophy of Theosophy, and is an apologist for the very high Freemason and founder of the OTO, Aliester Crowley, who it is recently declassified was a paid agent of MI-6.

Alan Watt, though apparently hesitant to say all he knows about this situation, has several times indicated that Michael Tsarion, David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, and the rest of that little club are all disinformation agents, put out there to mix the truth with the sci-fi/fantasy world of the New Age religion. Here is a recent interview where Alan discusses this (MP3).

It is also worth noting that Tsarion's forum is hosted by Red Ice Creations, the Admin of which, Henrik Palmgren, does a radio show where Michael Tsarion is a regular guest. Alan Watt used to appear on this show every month, but recently he has stopped being invited, claiming on his own show which airs on RBN that this was due to the fact that he refused to go along with the "alien agenda" propaganda which most of the Red Ice guests promote. I like the guy, and we regularly like to each others sites, but apparently, Henrik has become a member of the club.

Chris White is a friend of mine, and after the threats and hateful statements which Tsarion has made against him, this issue is pretty close to home; I also feel that the people doing what he is doing, sabotaging our movement from within, are actually more damaging that the attacks from without. I am going to continue to do everything I can to make sure this man is fully exposed, so as he is no longer able to harm people with his psychologically and spiritually destructive propaganda.


Here is Tsarion's full explaination of why he will not respond to the facts brought up on Chris White's show, from his forum (this will probably removed when attention is drawn to it):

what are you people talking about when you say debate? debate with this trash who has emerged from his fucking toilet?

do any of you know what a true "critic" really is? it appears not.

some skinflint muckslinger has a bash at a few short free webstreams and that is now regarded as criticism. he has not the dvds, and has not bought the book. that is obvious. a few errors is all he can summon to mucksling at.

he did not contact me like a decent respectful being, and ask me personally about all this. he launched a vicious online attack hoping to be somebody by slander, slander of someone who actually has achieved important things.

these vermin are a dime a dozen. they'll can spew what they want, and mucksling, and waste valuable time.

my work has been complimented by veterans in the field of research from every part of the globe. and i don't even need or require these people's endorsement, although its nice when it comes from a sincere person.

this undereducated, spluttering inarticulate christian (not) moron needs to shut his cakehole, and stop making a total idiot of himself. but being so terribly desperate for attention, this is the way ENVIOUS people go about. the only debate i'll give this pathetic specimen is with my fist.

send the creature these two articles, and ask him to comment on me, and say i'm a disinformationalist or a servant of the illuminati.


ask this genius of criticism, to show me his articles. ask him to prove he is not a servant of the secret societies that are clearly out to silence the servants of truth?

exposed, am i? the sewer rat does not even know the meaning of the word. he could not find a tit in a whore house.



  1. Hi!
    I contacted M Tsarion to ask him a couple of questions about some of his theories ie; proof behind some of his theories. I was very shocked (surprised) at the response I received.
    Here is what I wrote:

    I have watched quite a few of your videos. I went to the Taroscopes website to check it out. I started looking through one area and found a story about the Clintion's and how Mr. Clinton was going to set up or help lead in ten nations before antichrist appears etc..etc.
    My first thought was, if you want to be taken seriously then why would you allow conjecture of this type on your website, considering that it is biblical in nature and more to the point did not come true. Clinton is gone from office and now on some supposed humanitarian quests. These articles are crap. I suppose the next thing the author of that crap is waiting for is Hillary to get in, then the story will switch to how Hillary is going to usher all this in.

    Second , question for you!
    After watching all your videos and lightly perusing your website I have to ask myself if you are an enlightened individual because of study of taro, astrology, kabala, etc then why don't you actually have any answers?(not conjecture) Its one thing to point out symbolism, and alternative ways of looking at things but what can you actually tell us that is actual substance. For example give us a prediction that will come true soon, or go investigate some of the things you talk about in the video and show us some proof. Like, go to L.A. and visit the underground tunnels that you say go to S America. Or, go find the skull you showed a picture of, that supposedly comes from a nephilim or whatever it was, and give us proof that science is interested in it and believes it is real. Or, go to the Serpaeum and check it out to see what really gives.
    Conjecture and interpretation is one thing proof is another.

    Don't get me wrong, I do believe there are hidden agendas around us, but there are too many people saying too many things but backing nothing up!
    I like to think of them as charlatans.
    Some of the things you say or paraphrase for others make a lot of sense, however one can interpret things many many different ways to make it fit their thesis.


    Here is what I got back,

    "think what you want dumbass, just not around here"

    Now at first I thought it might just be some kid manning the website, but now I think it was probably him. To drive him a little crazier I sent him a copy of the above article from your website. Now I have a better perspective on him and his message!

    Larry C

  2. I always had a hard time taking this man seriously. Tho it seemed that he was stating some good points now and then, it didn't even the scales with all the loose ends.

    Tsarion doesn't seem to be able to cope with the situation, when he is placed under a negative spot. Instead of staying behind his words and defending his honor he tries to escape the situation with foul language - It's the same as admitting once loss.

    Pfft, to be deceived by this buffoon, seriously. I detest violence, but as it seems that our 'enlightened' Tsarion prefers fighting over debating, I'd be glad to break his bones, tho it would mean going down to his level.

    Still, it is hard to know who actually speaks the truth nowadays and who's causing chaos among those who preach what really is.

    I'll just take a step back and let my higher self guide me through this masquerade.

    Thanks for the post!

  3. Michael Tsarion clearly does have the right attitude in the search for global truth, yes he does tend to go a bit further than he should in terms of explaining many theories, yet is he doing any wrong? NO. Obviously there is no need to believe every word that leaves his mouth, which im sure even he would vie for. However he definiteley is doing the right thing in terms of exposing as much as possible to many people, much of which strikes a nerve with the majority of listeners.

  4. Here Here to the Poster on Jan 21...
    Take what you want and throw away doesn't appeal...The Fact is too many christians and religious zealots are finding that proselytizing their picean age religion with such fervor as the world management laughs and garners ever increasing control of the whole of human kind

  5. 1. Tsarion is NOT a 'descendant of a long bloodline of Irish druids', that is complete crap.
    2. Tsarion is academically uneducated and illiterate in the art of speech and intelligent conversation.
    3. Tsarion's role is to appeal to the lower class, lower lying scavengers of truth, it is a crime that he feeds them such trip.
    4. When someone starts talking aliens and reptiles, it is time to RUN... preferably in the other direction.

  6. "anonymous" said: 4. When someone starts talking aliens and reptiles, it is time to RUN... preferably in the other direction.

    Well, Tsarion talks about them all the time as the creators of mankind so this in itself shows that you have a kind of bias towards Tsarion.

    Personally, though, I do not agree with the statement at all.

    To deny that there is such a thing as the supernatural, interdimensional beings called "aliens" and that there are reptillian beings (called nagash in the bible), are some indications as to why I don't laugh when people talk about them.


  7. Tsarion provides people with vital information that they are not getting from mainstream sources.

    It is then up to you to decide what you do with that information

    I have watched all of his dvds for free, he has no problem with people replicating and distributing them.

    He and the others Maxwell etc are a refreshing and inspiring alternative to the way the majority of us live today. Spiritualism and knowledge versus empty nihilism and materialism

  8. Michael Tasrion and his mentor Jordan Maxwell are both initiates into the mystery religion of Babylon that they claim to expose.

    They are liars and deceivers, who do nothing but teaching the Mystrery Religion of the Freemasons and Luciferians such as Blavatsky.

    Jordan Maxwell got his name from Madame Blavatsky's lies, yes, the same Madame Blavatsky that is so hailed up by Michael Tsarion, who, by the way, also hails up that beast Aleister Crowley.

    So, maybe you just happen to like Blavatsky, happen to like Mister Crowley, happen to like... LUCIFER, but I certainly don't.

  9. This guy called Tsarion is very afraid of his African DNA .He refuses to submit.He hates to hear that he is just a mutated African.Sorry Micheal but civilization did not start in IRISHLAND BROTHER!!!Sorry you have no part of EGYPT Africa.While we building Pyramids ,you were living in CAVES BROTHER!!!Live with yourself and stop telling your little white lies.PEACE TO THE CARBON PEOPLE AND THE CARBON UNIVERSES.

  10. I think, with you, that Tsarion's "Irish Origin Of Civilization" has little to do with any chauvinism but rather with, as you indicate, DNA.

    This can already be established when you discover that Tsarion is a huge fan of Helena Blavatsky, whose book "The Secret Doctrine" was a huge inspiration for Adolph Hitler. Not without reason, for Blavatsky spoke highly about the "Aryan Race" which some might identify as the "white folks".

    There is more about Tsarion in this respect, which I am researching as well but will not really talk about. I do have some interesting material, though, which I will at some point review but I can't say much more about it.

    Michael Tsarion, however, I will say, has a lot of footsoldiers and some of these footsoldiers also infiltrate in what can loosely be called a "Rastafari Symphatizers", where some of the more ignorant "Rastafari Symphatizers" will look at Tsarion as a "great teacher" too.

  11. Im not here to judge the man and frankly, Im not going to say he is perfect, none of us are, and his claims to being insane as the rest of us are does seem reasonable from a pshycological piont of view.The pointt is to not hate on the messenger but to veiw the message, who cares where its from analyze the content for yourself. Yes it does some does sound like satanism to me but our whole american culture was born out of it,weather we like it or not and how can you blame anyone for trying to cope with our toxic, brainwashing enviornment as he would say.He quotes more bible texta than I can even remember, He is just like us trying to get ahead and personaly i would like to thank him for the information that he obviously slaved over in order to make the world a better place, which is way more than i am doing right now. Expose the government question authority know thyself. obvously something is wrong with the world especialy american society, as long as this corrupt government is being exposed I am happy for I dont care who its from. We have to work togather If we want to make change

  12. I would definitely not say that Michael Tsarion is just a messenger, I would say he is a teacher. After analyzing the material, this becomes even more clear.

    You can see this in the fact that he teaches the Theosophical rubbish that Mme Blavatsky wrote in her "Secret Doctrine", he hails up people like Aleister Crowley whose satanic teachings and practices may be considered known as well.

    You can see it in his pushing of the 2012 agenda, the year wherein Babylon hopes to finally establish her "Atlantis Restored", the return of the Days of Noah.

    You can see it in the way Michael Tsarion abuses laws and hates freedom of speech, as the Babylon Observer reported HERE and HERE.

    Yes, Tsarion quotes the Bible, but he hopes that no-one will really check out what he quotes. He will quote Jah speaking to the serpent and pretend it's Jah speaking to Eve, for example. When people point out to such things, he will seek to have their YouTube accounts and websites deleted, while using fake accounts to stir up more hate.

    I don't know about you, but people who hate Freedom of Speech and even seek to destroy this Freedom at the extend of abusing certain laws to silence their opposition, serve neither Truth, Justice or Freedom (the three "interests" Michael Tsarion lists on his Internet profiles), and should not be considered "just messengers".

    One Love,

  13. Really pathetic kid games are being played from BOTH sides. C'mon, everyone knows that the truth can't be hidden, that is true for everyone in this little debunk game that only results in losers from both sides. Stand up and forgive each other, there is no need to interfere with God's plan, since it's all going according to plan.

  14. Greetings, I don't think we speak about "games" here, even though Michael Tsarion uses that word in his attempt to publish all of chris White's information on the internet, plus that of his friends and family and much more.

    What is wrong with an intelectual critique, after all, Michael Tsarion is teaching the Theosophic doctrine as "truth", and makes claims about Jesus Christ which obviously need answers from Christians?

    It shows, how Michael Tsarion hates Christians. After all, these Christians are responsible for that "terrible age of piscus", and soon they're gonna die in the New Age of Aquarius, according to the New Agers of which Michael Tsarion is an obvious spokesman.

    I don't know if you ever took a visit to his forum, but it is literally filled with hatefull remarks on Christians. Mind you, Michael Tsarion's definiton of what Christianity is, is based on his Theosophical view on the Roman Catholic Church and has nothing to do with Original Christianity. Of course when one makes such claims, one should be able to accept that others will intelectually critique you.

    Of course everything works according to the Plan of the Most High JAH. Within this plan, there is a room for one and ones to take sides. The side of the Creator or the side of the deceiver. I would say, Michael Tsarion makes quite clear on which side he stands!

    One Love,

  15. Jesus has his own cult and his followers have been viciously attacking the people of this earth for thousands of years. People have their own minds and can make their own decisions. Attacks on Michael Tsarion is proof the Christians are willing to crucify anyone who may hold a different belief or opinion. Michael Tsarion must be onto something big in order to get this type of reaction from Christians.

  16. Explain Original Christianity...

  17. The claim that "Jesus had his own cult and his followers have been viciously attacking the people of this earth for thousands of years" indicates that you agree with these alleged followers that they really are the followers of Yesus Kristos.

    In other words, you take the Roman Catholic Church and the abomination called Protestant Church that was born out of her, and you portray that shitstem as being the thing that Yesus wants. Well, I Beg To Differ, Sir.

    It is true that it was said how "Jesus had a cult". This was said by the religious establishment of that time, an establishment that you could say was the predecessor of the Roman Church cs, closely connected to the Roman System as well. So again, you seem to agree with the religious establishment in everything they say about Yesus Kristos and His disciples.

    True disciples of Yesus Kristos have been persecuted by the Roman/Babylonian Shitstem ever since He Himself was crucified by the Romans. They were labeled as a dangerous cult that killed people, for example by Emperor Neror. Where true Christians have been put at the burning fire and so more just as much as others who were brutally killed in the name of some Geezus that is definitely not the Divine Lord God and Saviour.

    Original Christianity is how you could call the Message and believe in the Divine Saviour Yesus Kristos, Who Created the Heavens and the Earth.

  18. I like to take my own view. I see the world in a political and economic view. I like alternative media sites, they provide more answers. I dont know about aliens, etc. I would describe myself as someone who has faith but not a religion.

    Plus I dont get involved with all this commentrary, but its hard to know whos saying what, and plus all this bitching! Its not very academic, its just straw man based arguments, which is sad, as it makes you distrust any information you see. Its up to the viewer to make their own mind. I watch BBC news. The facts are correct, its just that most of the time their views or opinion is biased. I understand. But does that take away the value of their news?

    If you check out Chris White and other associates on his website, they take a christian view on 'conspiracies', etc. Which is fine, its all good.

    The problem is in my view, and a most rational view its quite extreme. One site associated, denouces Islam and connects it with terrorism. That is borderline racism in my view. Chris White attacks Tsarion on the basis that he has critiques on religion (form of controm) including Christanity, despite not denoucing persons faith. if anything he encourages individualism, people to believe in what they want. Unlike Chris White who states that its only Christianity and the devil. Everyone should take their own view, but clearly anyone can see the motives behind Chris White

    I can understand while after two years of attacks by this person, you would want them not to use your material without permission.

    Go and check out Chris White site. I know and am friends with many Christians, Muslims, etc, its like the sites that state its all about the Jews! They are probably right, but you cant brush eveyone with the same brush. Its wrong, and it creates racial tension, plus leads to pure argument, and you question their motive!

    Rant over...

  19. All we need to know is that 'Chris White' considers himself Christian.. that should should be taken into grand consideration of anyone that might have an opinion swayed over this childish drama. I don't side with either, or agree with either (over this quarrel) because it is not my reality construct.. only CW and MT live there. BTW, dearest Chris aka "lover of truth", how is that Hole(y) bible treating ya? BTW part 2, 'truth' is subjective and elusive as the end of a fractal zoom, but you might not appreciate this level of clarity & 'truth'.. wow, what just happened there? ha! Cheers!

  20. I used to like listening to the red ice show! but asoon as i started to clock that all that was ever been talked about was Aliens i started getting alittle iffy!

    Whats even more worrying! Is that this is the same show that was '' exposing '' the holly greg case! of wich '' the club '' all have their say on the matter, Tsarion Icke and that new guy brian gerrish! this whole movement is really starting to smell as time goes on!

    I personalyl would love to see Tsarion engauged in a ''debate'' i think that would seriously expose him!

  21. Of Course: this is to do with the fact that Chris White is Christian and Michael Tsarion is a Pagan, New Ager, whatever you wanna call it. This makes it even more interestig in my idea, as we are talking here about two people obviously on a mission.

    Do I agree with Chris White all the time and never with Tsarion? No, but I do agrtee with Chris White a lot more than with Tsarion, who i consider to be a fraud and manipulator, so he must use some truth-vibe to mix it with lies.

    I think it is unheard to speak about someone who you intelectually disagree with as "the only debate i'll have with that specimen is with my fist". That shows how little intelectual baggage Tsario actually has. He has been trained all his life to speak a certain thing and that's all he does.

    Has Tsarion ever debated anyone, actually?

    One Love,

  22. You Christians are so misinformed about Crowley it's impossible to even begin for you to realise how hoaxed you've been. In a magical war, Crowley was on the side of man and against the 'Black Brothers' that would enslave man. As someone who follows Thelema it's pathetic to see 'Crowley ritually abused children' printed as blasphemous propaganda from the Christians. You guys deserve your 'Illuminati' because you sure can't think for yourselves.


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