Monday, January 24, 2011

Book Review; Doors to Reality (Ras Howard Henry)

Like so many Jamaicans before him, Ras Howard Henry tells us how in 1991 he left to America to "search for the American dream". A dream that didn't turn out to be for everyone...

Being a conscious Rastaman, he noticed that there were other things to do for him than the ones he initially sought after. And so, he "shifted his focus to assisting the poor and downtrodden". One of the ways in which he does so, is by speaking the truth. Telling the things the way they are, from his perspective as a Rastaman. And he does so, in a very special way.

It's a way that shows what is in his heart, what is in his eyes. Take a little time, and you will really feel what he has to say in a deeper way.

A way, which explains just what it is to be a Rastaman in the center of Babylon. To have to see the abominations, the injustice and inequality.

A way, which some people call "poetry".

He writes poems straight from the heart, without forgetting the brain. And this is where "Doors To Reality" enters. It's his first collection of poetry, and comes with illustrations in full color.

It's a well-balanced collection, with humor and seriousness each having their place. Thoughtful lines will keep you meditating as you see deeper layers telling you even more than what is already on the surface.

Ras Howard Henry asks, for example, why there are so many vacancies to fill, and so many educated black people unable to find a job. He observes, how a parasitical Babylon uses all kinds of technology to enslave the human race and loot Jah creation.

He addresses and exposes Babylon, using a prophetic language and symbology that doesn't leave room for too much interpretation. In the same time, He gives praises to JAH and shares his reasons to do so.

Someone once said: "If you do not know your history, you will not know your destiny". Ras Howard Henry addresses this topic too, and asks himself why Babylon tells him to forget about Marcus Garvey but still remember Christopher C. He points out to the racism of ones like the Ku Klux Klan and the book also contains a photograph that shows this to the fullness.

"Doors to Reality" therefore is not merely a book of poetry. In fact, you can read all about Rastafari too. And because everything written from the Heart of a Rastaman, you will learn more about the Movement than you would ever learn if you stick to scholarly works.


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