Saturday, January 29, 2011

Babylon Observer Video Research: The Psyop Program (1968)

WWW, January 2011 -- In this original 1968 U.S. Army video footage, we are introduced to the concept of "Psychological Operations", in short: psy-ops. In simple sights and sounds, the video explains just how the population of a foreign country is being targeted to, as the video states: "make them perceive things from the desired viewpoint".

The story in the video is set in a fictional country called "Host Land", somewhere in South America. In the movie, the government of Host Land asks the USA for help to fight domestic opposition, portrayed as "communists". In a room somewhere within the American embassy, a conference takes place wherein this is shown.

The rest of the video shows how the Psychological Operations are conducted in Host Land. The use of entertainers, media, infiltrations and other means are presented and explained.

The viewer of the video will not have a hard time to recognize the very same principals shown in this video in current events.



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