Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Age Rage (A Babylon Observer Observation)


WWW, September 2007 - Tolerance, peace, love, unity and positivity. Titles of doctrines within the New age movement. What happens when you break the rules?

Where sects like the so-called "Jehovah Witnesses" predicted the end of the world on a number of occasions, so do the New Agers and the year is 2012. Most with the Movement work towards the establishment of their fascistic New World Order in that year, in which it is said that the "Age of Aquarius" will finally arrive...

We'll see what happens then, as the year is 2007 at the moment this is written. However, it is extremely interesting and sometimes even entertaining to see the principals of the New Age Movement at work as we approach that year.

Whitley Strieber is the host of a broadcast called "Dreamland". He is a well-known author within the New Age Movement and is in direct contact with spirits, or as some would say, "extra terrestrials". He's not your typical New Ager, though.

And this became clear during one of his recent episodes of "Dreamland", in which he interviewed what seemed to be a real New Age Fascist: a man called Daniel Pinchback. Pinchback speaks enthusiastically about the New World Order, and at a certain moment he starts to rebuke the host.

In the New Age Movement, there is what you could call a "doctrine of positivism". You must not speak what is experienced as "negative", and in the same time, you can always accuse your New Age brother of "negativity".

What happens, when you break the rules? How "positive" is "positive" in the New Age Movement? In a nutshell, you can see the fascism at work at a micro-level in Whitley's Strieber's interview with Daniel Pinchback.

Pinchback accuses Strieber of "negativity" because Strieber basically says that there's gonna be a lot of suffering before the New Age can be established according to the prophecies of the New Age movement.

No, it's not that the two New Age Brethren disagree about the upcoming return of Atlantis. It's not, that they think everything is really that positive as they try to prepare themselves and their audiences for the magical 2012.

It's just, that Pinchback is much more legalistic in his total obedience to the "doctrine of positivism". And when he is confronted with too much reality, he activates the defense mechanisms which come with the doctrine.

In his turn, Strieber shows his attachment to the beings that he is in contact with as during the interview he breaks "friendship" with Pinchback. Pinchback, namely, claims that these beings are "negative".

New Age Rage is usually very ugly, but sometimes it can be quite entertaining. This particular episode of Dreamland definitely is worth a listen and worth a smile.

Yes, it is all true that the New Agers are just another branch of Babylon Shitstem that works so hard to establish an environment of evil to dwell in. It's described in the second Psalm of the Good Book, and the response of Jah the Almighty is to laugh hard.

They will fail, as this discussion between two New Age Brethren shows.



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  1. Greetings!

    I had so much fun listening to them...LOL!

    Will listen to it again...

    A must!
    Kind of thing to listen to,
    If you got the blues...

    They were totaly ridiculous!


    Thank you!




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