Friday, November 30, 2007

We A Raggamuffin (MP3 Review)


WWW, November 2007 - When a mix is called "We A Raggamuffin" and the first selection is a crucial worship of JAH coming straight from the very private collection of the Steppin' Youth Sound System, JAH JAH Children know they're going to listen to some more uplifting sounds!

"Raggamuffin" can mean many different things. Sure, it's the name of a specific style of Reggae. The word also refers to Ghetto Youths, many of them involved in Music too.

The Jamaican version of "Gangster Rap"? Hmmm... Not quite. Many of the Raggamuffin or Ghetto Youth give thanks and praises to the Most High in a situation where many would curse JAH.

Yes, survival is a must and even the King James Version says not to judge the poor when they steal a bread to feed himself and his family. A thing which the churches seem to ignore, but JAH doesn't forget it and neither do the Ghetto Youth.

This very reasoning seems to be the theme behind another great podcast by the Paris based Steppin' Youth Sound System. Great selections by Mikal Rose and Yami Bolo, to name just two out of -what is really- many.

The focus of the 23 track mix is on digital riddims, heartically voiced and dubbed where the selectors themselves add stuff to the music continually as well.

A Big Up to all Ghetto Youths we are thankful to forward!


00 intro
01 everton blender - create a sound
02 beres hammond - preacher man
03 mikal rose - street life
04 michael buckley - my selecta
05 phillip frazer - sirens
06 scion success - petty petty murderer
07 general levy - inna we culture
08 david vernon - battle get hotter
09 frankie paul - to jah we pray
10 chukky starr - fe the nation
11 half pint - dont try to use me
12 barrington levy - raggamuffin
13 jah mali & remo - oppression & aggression
14 admiral bailey - one more dead
15 sandeeno - mankind
16 sandeeno - champion sound
17 gregory isaacs - kingston 14
18 yami bolo - war monger
19 yami bolo - the revolution
20 junior reid & gregory isaacs & denis brown- not a one man thing
21 junior reid - friend ennemy
22 carlene davis - viva president mandela
23 robert lee & elephant man - run for cover
24 penie irie - war & crime
25 junior reid - badman
26 junior reid - one blood
27 yami bolo - the gun war, the glock war
28 rolex - destruction
29 yami bolo - drugs in the city
30 king kong - here I am
31 cujo - sound killing
32 echo minott - sensitive
33 mikal rose - run dem a run
34 robert lee - undertaker
35 michael buckley - sick a me



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