Sunday, January 27, 2008



WWW, January 2008 - Chicago-based Algoriddim Radio celebrates the works of one of Rub a Dub Music's Icons with a special Version Excursion in a fine style.

When Barrington Levy started singing as a young teenager in the late 1970's, he quickly became one of the Icons of Rub a Dub music. His tune "Under Mi Sensi" became somewhat of a smoker's anthem, popular until this very day in 2008.

Reasons enough for Algoriddim Radio to livicate a whole show on this remarkable vocalist. Reggae Radio in a fine style, with a minimum of chatter and a maximum of spinning platter as they say.

The DJ plays well over 55 different titles in one hour and twenty minutes, as leads us from one riddim into the next. We'll hear the excessive DUB mixing of the Scientist and a whole host of Reggae DJ's as well and get a pretty good picture of Barrington's vocal work.

And please, don't be disappointed when you listen to the first minutes of this podcast. At first, you will hear someone talking about something, followed by a rather large number of ultra-short Reggae clips. This is just the introduction: the fun starts around five minutes into the file.


01. Iman Selection Intro DJ Benja (none)
02. Penitentry / Tribute to Moa Ambassa Kojak, Barrington Levy, Jah Thomas & D Screechy Fools Gold Vol. 1
03. Tribute to Moa Ambessa Barrington Levy & Jah Thomas More Spiritual
04. My Woman Barrington Levy Iyanon Singles
05. African Dub Joe Gibbs & the Professionals African Dub Almighty Ch. 1
06. Black Heart Man Barrington Levy Englishman
07. Round 8 [Blackheart Man] Prince Jammy Big Showdown
08. Call You On The Phone Barrington Levy Bounty Hunter
09. Look Youth Man Barrington Levy Englishman
10. Round 2 [Look Youthman] Prince Jammy Big Showdown
11. Full Understanding Dub Barrington Levy Run Come Yah
12. (talking)
13. Mine Yu Mouth Barrington Levy Papa Daves Killer 7 in Vol. 1
14. Labba Mouth Barrington Levy Papa Daves Killer 7 in Vol. 1
15. Bounty Hunter Barrington Levy Bounty Hunter
16. Round 7 [Bounty Hunter] Scientist Big Showdown
17. Walk 2,000 Miles (Extended Ver Barrington Levy Bounty Hunter
18. Gonna Tell Your Girl Friend Barrington Levy Robin Hood
19. Kidney Punch [Gonna Tell Your Girlfriend] Scientist Heavyweight Dub Champion
20. Mary Long Tongue Barrington Levy 21 Girls Salute
21. Mary Long Tongue (DJ ver) Barrington Levy Greensleeves 12 inch singles Vol. 06
22. Shine Eye Girl Barrington Levy Jah The Creator
23. Gal Version Jah Thomas J B Music Jah Guidance
24. Skylarking Barrington Levy Bounty Hunter
25. Round 4 [Skylarking] Prince Jammy Big Showdown
26. Begging You A Ten Cent Sir Barrington Levy Open Book
27. No Broke No Fight Over No Woman Barrington Levy Robin Hood
28. Saved By The Bell [No Broke No Fight Over No Woman] Scientist Heavyweight Dub Champion
29. 21 Girls Salute Barrington Levy 21 Girls Salute
30. Robin Hood Barrington Levy Robin Hood
31. Upper Cut [Robin Hood] Scientist Heavyweight Dub Champion
32. The Winner Barrington Levy Win And Lose
33. The Winner Dub Barrington Levy Win And Lose
34. Knock Out Scientist & Prince Jammy Heavyweight Dub Champion
35. I Need A Girl Barrington Levy & Trinity Jah The Creator
36. Jah Give Us Strength Barrington Levy Reverend 12 inch Singles Vol. 01
37. Dont Take Life General Saint Reverend 12 inch Singles Vol. 01
38. Many Changes In Life Barrington Levy Robin Hood
39. Seconds Away [Many Changes In Life] Scientist Heavyweight Dub Champion
40. Dont Fuss Nor Fight Barrington Levy Bounty Hunter
41. Round 5 [Dont Fuss Nor Fight] Scientist Big Showdown
42. Doe Rae Me Barrington Levy Bounty Hunter
43. How Much Love Dub Barrington Levy Reverend 12 inch Singles Vol. 01
44. Jah Help Me Dub Barrington Levy Win And Lose
45. Send A Moses Barrington Levy Englishman
46. Round 1 [Send A Moses] Scientist Big Showdown
47. Butterfly Barrington Levy Bounty Hunter
48. Rock And Come In Barrington Levy Robin Hood
49. Jab [Rock and Come In] Scientist Heavyweight Dub Champion
50. Love Sister Carol Barrington Levy Robin Hood
51. Below The Belt [Love Sister Carol] Scientist Heavyweight Dub Champion
52. Shaolin Temple Barrington Levy Bounty Hunter
53. This Place Too Dark Barrington Levy Bounty Hunter
54. Shaolin Temple Dub Barrington Levy Hunter Man
55. (dubs)



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