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WWW, January 2008 - Fastwalkers introduces the new religion, that is not supposed to be called a religion even though all the features are there: Provable, supernatural manifestations and an ancient spiritual message announcing the New One World Order in our lifetime

Fastwalkers? It's a code-term to describe what is usually known under the term Unidentified Flying Objects. The code is reportedly used by various government agencies, who according to the people interviewed in this video are very much aware of the existence of UFO's.

Researchers, Ex-military people, Government whistle-blowers, UFO contactees and (other) New Age prophets gather themselves for 97 minutes of sights and sounds, introducing what can be called the New Religion for the post-modern western man.

It's called UFOlogy, and it's way more serious than the average man may care to belief. The video shows a lot of evidence of the mere fact that yes, there are indeed non-human intelligent beings observing and dealing directly with the runnings on our planet.

The makers of the video Fastwalkers are convinced, that UFO's are extra-terrestrial craft. Craft, occupied by beings from outer space, from different planets on different solar systems in the universe.

This in spite of the fact that repeatedly, we will hear just how these alleged extra-terrestrials are apparantly able to travel between dimensions and the phrase "inter-dimensional beings" is used throughout the Video to describe the intelligent beings that drive these UFO's.

This becomes very clear, after we're 30 minutes into the video and already have been introduced to an interesting amount of evidence, which can hardly be refuted as mere natural phenomena.

Part two of the video is called "DO ET's exist?", and gets into the more interesting stuff. After being described by the presenter as "either extra-terrestrials or inter-dimensional beings", we are actually being introduced to the idea that these beings have been around since ancient times, interacting with human beings on several levels.

This interaction is documented, even with photographs shown in the video. Next to interesting and revealing interviews, that is.

It turns out, that according to the UFOlogists we are dealing with exactly the same beings as those described in the ancient holy books of almost all religions in the world.

Aliens, Extra-terrestrials, Inter-dimensional... spirits, gods, and ghosts turn out to be one and the same.

The video quotes from the Bible, for example Genesis 6 wherein we can find a description of what Yesus Kristos would later call "the Days of Noah" and what is usually known within circles of adepts in the Babylonian Mystery Religions as "Atlantis".

Mystery Babylon has a plan to restore the Days of Noah, a time that the Ethiopian Book of Enoch describes as terrible. It was then, that non-human intelligent beings called The Watchers had giant offspring with human beings called The Nephilim or Giants.

These Nephilim ruled mankind, devoured mankind even. As they were never destined by the Creator to be in existence in the first place, they were parasites of Creation and after a while became a threat for mankind's very existence.

Together with their fathers, the Watchers, these Nephilim are the subject of many ancient religious stories. Take the ancient Book of Enoch, for example. According to the book, the Watchers and the Nephilim were (in close contact with) the government(s) of the planet. They were the gods, the super-beings which gradually took over humankind and obviously planned OUR extinction.

Fast forward to our time, and the similarities are remarkable.

We hear about "Star Children", so-called enhanced humans who "carry DNA from the aliens as well as humans", and how they are supposed to become "our" new "leaders" and "scientists".

The video shows convincingly, just how the secret governments of the world, the Illuminati and the Skull and Bones as well as other shady groups that are also described in the second Psalm in the Bible are directly in contact with these "ET's".

There is no debate, as to the identity of the "ET's": they are the same ones as the ancient Ethiopian Book of Enoch and the Bible as well as many other ancient books tell us are the Evil Ones.

What official historians put away as "mythology" meaning "ancient fiction", once again turns out to be true history and the video Fastwalkers proofs that beyond the shadow of any reasonable doubt.

The evidence is out there, it all boils down to the interpretation of it.

So, are they here to "help us", as suggested by the majority of interviewees and the makers of the video Fastwalkers? Are they merely intelligent beings from other planets who happen to be "further evolved" and can make humanity "evolve"?

Or are we seeing the signs of what really is a New Religion, a New Worship of the ancient Watchers?


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