Thursday, March 6, 2008



WWW, March 2008 - Each summer, the elite gather themselves in the Californian forests to conduct an ancient Babylon ritual including human sacrifice (in effigy, they say). The ritual has been video-taped by a hidden camera.

They call it the "Cremation of Care", and they perform it in a place called the Bohemian Grove. "They" are the members of the Bohemian Club and their invitees. "They" include people like George Bush Jr and George Bush Sr, thought to be "born again Christians"... (LINK)

In the Cremation of Care, a human sacrifice is made in front of a grand Owl. Although the Bohemian Club hastens themselves to say that it was really an effigy, that is not a real human, there is no way for anyone to verify it, while there are witnesses who claim to have been part of deadly rituals at Bohemian Grove.

The ritual that has been videotaped by Texas based documentary maker and talk show host Alex Jones, appears to be just one ritual that is performed in what seems to be a huge religious site, a modern version of the ancient Babylonian Mystery Schools.

In the spoken words, conveniently subtitled, the connection between the attendees on one hand and Tyre and Babylon on the other is made. Not only are Tyre and Babylon directly connected with Satan in the Bible, the members of the Bohemian Grove are doing exactly that which their ancestors, the rulers of Tyre and Babylon, have been doing in ancient times.

See about 15 minutes of pure paganism, and realize that here we have the world leaders and other members of the elite, more often than not known in public as "Born again Christians".


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