Friday, March 7, 2008

DUB 1985-1992

DUB 1985-1992

WWW, March 2008 - DUB refers to the name of the Podcast, not necessarily about the contents of his podcasts. 1985-1992 does refer to the music presented in this mix, though.

The late 1980's, early 1990's marked a transition period in Jamaica and thus in the nation's musical history. Bob Marley passed away, and Ronald Reagan's "War on Drugs" ensured that smoking herb would become more difficult than sniffing cokane and the music became digital, sometimes even fused with American Hip-Hop.

It was a time before Rastas, especially the Bobo Dreads, would come to clean up certain things and restore some of JAH Order where that had seemed lost, at least for some.

This Podcast perfectly radiates the vibe-of-the-time, with nuff DUB to justify the Podcast's name!



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