Monday, April 14, 2008

GIANT UFO OVER ISRAEL - Babylon Observer Video Review

Babylon Observer Video Review

WWW, April 2008 - Remarkable video recordings taken with several camera's registered a giant UFO hanging over a Kibbutz close to an Israeli Air Force base.
Is this a "Chariot Of The Gods"?

Israel and it's surrounding countries form a "UFO Hot Spot", which dates back to the ancient, biblical times. According to the Ethiopian Book of Enoch, it was on Mount Hermon that a few hundred Watchers or -as Genesis 6 describes them- "Sons of God" came down from their astral planes and created a giant offspring with human women.

That was before the Great Flood of Noah, and also after that.

Where most UFO researchers as well as scholars of the ancient texts have come to the conclusion that what we call "aliens" or even "ET's" and "UFO's" are exactly the same phenomena as the ancient Watchers, the gods, in their chariots.

In this video, we see what could very well be such a "chariot". It was video-taped with two different camera's from the ground in a Kibbutz close to an Israeli Air Force base.

Additionally, well-known Israeli researcher Barry Chamish, who wrote a book called "Return Of The Giants", shortly appears as he comments on the remarkable recordings.


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