Sunday, May 4, 2008



WWW, May 2008 - Not a documentary, but definitely an exposure of that side of the "Land Of The Free" which, let's say, doesn't really know much freedom: The Amerikan Reich, anyone?

In a time wherein presidential candidate Obama is being criticized for having connections with a preacher who says that America isn't "God's Own Country", it becomes painfully clear that if there is just one thing you can never say in the land of freedom of speech, it must be the truth about the "Land of the Free".

In a time wherein journalists and artists are under the most heavy pressure possible to produce propaganda for the shitstem, it becomes painfully clear that it is time to stand up for what is right and "wake the town to tell the people".

Time for the truth, therefore.

The collective behind this 90 minutes video have produced a work of Art that will do what many documentaries cannot do: showing the "AmeriKan Reich" is such a way that everything goes straight to the heart.

We see historical and contemporary scenes, they are all parts of the puzzle, or should I say "Mystery", of one of the biggest bullies in the gang of "Mystery Babylon the Great, Mother of all Abominations".



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