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WWW, May 2008 - In an FBI document released under the Freedom Of Information Act, we can find a hand-written memo by J. Edgar Hoover, in which he complains that the US Army "grabbed" crashed "discs" before the FBI could have it for "cursory examination".

In a 69 page document released by the FBI under the Freedom Of Information Act, we can find formerly classified material on UFO's. Not only does the information show that the US Government was well aware of the existance of what many believe to be Extra-Terrestial vehicles, but also that crashed UFO's had been recovered by the US Army.

On page 45 of the document, itself part of a larger collection on the topic, we can find a handwritten memo authored by none other than the infamous J. Edgar Hoover. Apparantly, he didn't just chase communists, he wanted to know all about UFO's too.

The document suggests that the FBI will not conduct any investigation into the UFO phenomena. J. Edgar Hoover says he agrees, but not until, in his own words, the FBI has "full acces to recovered discs". He also refers to incidents where apparantly the US Army denied the FBI acces to crashed UFO's.

The interesting material was dated in 1947, the same year that a UFO was said to have crashed in Roswell New Mexice, close to the airport from where the plane departed that threw the atomic bomb on the people of Japan towards the end of Word War 2.

Mr. (name blacked out) also discussed this matter with Colonel L.R. Forney of MID (Military Intelligence Division). Colonel Forney indicated that it is his attitude that inasmuch as it has been established that the flying disks are not the result of any Army or Navy experiments, the matter is of interest to the FBI. He stated that he was of the opinion that the Bureau, if at all possible, should accede to General Schulgen's request.

SWR:AJB (initialed here)


I would recommend that we advise the Army that the Bureau does not believe it should go into these investigations, it being noted that a great bulk of those alleged discs reported found have been pranks. It is not believed that the Bureau would accomplish anything by going into these investigations

DML (Special Agent Ladd- signed below typed initials)

(Clyde Tolson)
(J. Edgar Hoover)
I would do it but before agreeing to it we must insist upon full access to discs recovered. For instance in the LA case the Army grabbed it & would not let us have it for cursory examination.

See below for a copy of the actual page, and click on it for a larger copy. CLICK HERE to download the document straigth of the FBI website (scroll on to page 45).

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