Sunday, May 11, 2008



WWW, May 2008 - "Humans won't have a lot of power anymore", says the scientist. He continues: "they will be an inferior species because the cyborgs will display superior intellect".

Science fiction? Not quite...

In almost ten minutes, we are introduced to terms like "Trans Humanism", "Post Humans", "Cyborgs" and so on. Terms that give a science fiction vibe and makes us remember movies like Star Trek and Star Wars.

The difference between this video and Hollywood's multi-million dollar cash machines, however, is that we are living in a day and age wherein scientists are actually working on the destruction of humanity as we know it, only to change/replace us with better controllable hybrids.

It's not a joke, which becomes clear after watching this video. In a clear way, the viewer is being introduced to the morbid and diabolical "developments" that brings us closer to that time which is described in the last book of the Bible.

A time, of which it is said that the Beast System (Babylon) will "put a mark in people's head or right hand without which one cannot buy or sell".

This mark is usually known as the Mark Of The Beast.

People who will fall into the propaganda that is exposed in this video, will -as clearly stated in the video itself- lose their humanity. They will no longer be part of the race that was created by the Most High. And as a result of that, they will be unable to receive the redemption offered by the Most High.

"What does it profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul?", Someone once said. The answer is given in the ten minutes of Scary Scientifical Stuff.

Watch and don't deny what you see and hear!


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