Saturday, May 31, 2008



WWW, May 2008 - Before Buju Banton became part of what many call the "Rasta Renaissance" during the early 1990's, he was already part of the top of Dancehall Music. This video captures him before he started growing his dreadlocks.

The music is minimalistic, the band is four members strong, Buju is energetic: Dancehall in 1992 made many people wonder "where Reggae has gone too". They blamed the computer and programming, but they will get the same idea while watching Buju and band perform.

The often chaotically looking concert is in fact an explosion of energy where Reggae, DUB and basic rhythm comes together to serve as foundation for Buju Banton's impressive appearance. An impression that offended more people than just those that did not know how to musically apprecilove Dancehall.

In the second part of the video, he performs one of his major "controversial" tunes that made the homosexual lobby show their cultural ignorance and intolerant behavior once more when they started to call for a ban on Reggae music in the 1990's.

This, and a great duet with a crucial singer, as well as more niceness for the eye and ear can be found in this crucial video from -allready- 16 years ago!


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