Wednesday, June 4, 2008




This is the 11th track of my album "Showcase".

It's the bridge between the Rub a Dub part of the album and the serious steppers which are about to follow. The tune is played in the same style as the first track, but goes much further in Dub and Depth.

The introduction drum roll comes in reverse and lands with a crash cymbal into the first bar, where the bass takes over as it goes through several layers of effects.

Horns announce the return of the drums, and the drum and bass play their way through vocal snippets and instruments dropping in and out.

Heavy, heavy Roots. Heavy, heavy Dub. And so, the topic can't be something light either. Which it isn't.

The Church of Confusion (another word for Babylon) has many members, a lot of them are also members of the true Church of Yesus Kristos (Jesus Christ). This tune contains the thought of someone who realized his position and moves out of Babylon!


People, living in the church of confusion
People, building on the sinking sand

Steeples, buildings of the church of confusion
Steeples, building on the sinking sand

No matter where you go
And no matter where you don't
you drive fast or slow
Til you reach your next beyond

The roads all lead to Rome
when you follow preacher man
So no more will I roam
In this church of Babylon

Jah Jah, He's the Most High God and Creator
Jah Jah, Yesus Kristos builds His Church

Praise Him, He's the Most High God and Creator
Praise Him, Yesus Kristos builds His Church

For Jah so loved the world
That He gave His only Son
He loves you, boy and girl,
And He wants you in Zion

He sees you as a pearl
So you must be in His Kingdom
So listen, boy and girl,
Put your trust in Jah Jah Son.


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