Monday, June 2, 2008




This is the 10th track of my album "Showcase".

Slowing down the tempo, just a little bit. A majestic horn theme gives the tune a vague resemblance to a much older tune called "Wolves". Only "vibe wise", though..

The rhythm is danceable, as all kinds of percussion are used, even hand claps and electronic snares. It's a mix of Rub a Dub style, as well as some deeper Roots, heralding what's next on the album.

The lyrics are upfull and in the same time chanting down the tribal war that the leaders of nations as well as so-called "conscious" people keep trying to get us into.


Jah Jah He say
We got to love one another
Jah Jah He say
We got to give respect to one another

So let us give some respect
Every day
Let us give some love
Every day

Give some love to your neighbor
Give some love to the one
Next to you
Even from far beyond

Let us no fight tribal wars
In dis ya city
Let us not fight
Tribal wars

You got to stay far
With your tribal war

Hear what I say...

We don't need no more
Pole ice water
We don't need no more
Green, green soldier
We don't no more
We don't want no

So back of, back of,
Mister Bush, man (NOTE: not Bushman the artist)
Back of, back of,
Preacher man, with your try...


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