Tuesday, June 10, 2008



WWW, June 2008 - Last Janurary, I started using my column on the Dubroom Frontpage to write a series on Mystery Babylon. In June, I come to realize that this is my "project of the year" and write an update.

Next to making music, I am spending a lot of time on researching things about Mystery Babylon. From World History to the Supernatural, from Current Events to the not-so-eternal Future of the Mystery identified in so many Reggae Muric Lyrics.

I do so, not just for myself, but more to "add footnotes to Reggae Lyrics", if you will. Not to place critical remarks or so, but to help exposing Wicked Babylon.

Obviously, when I started in using my column to write things about Mystery Babylon in January, I already had a feeling that this could become a long series.

Because of the nature of a column, I could simply speak my mind and share what I have researched. Additionally, the column is almost daily and that gives me the opportunity to touch on just one thought as I only have a few paragraphs.

So I started writing.

About world history, how Babylon tries to create her desired New Order Of The Ages by using her techniques of Problem -> Reaction -> Solution from ancient times until now. About mind control and manipulation, about the mass initiation and the so-called seperation of Church and State.

More recently, I moved deeper as I try to share what I have discovered on a spiritual level. What does it mean, that "Babylon" means "Gateway To (the) God(s)", why is she portrayed as "Mother of Harlots" and what exactly are the "abominations" that she is also the Mother of, according to Jah Rastafari?

I have deep thoughts about this, and my column enables me to share these thoughts. That column is probably just a first step to a much more structured approach which will lekily lead to writing a book.

I didn't expect it, last year. I truly thought I would be moving and grooving in my studio working on new material. But the opposite turned out to be true.

Obviously, Jah knows what He is doing. And I am definitely not saying that I know "all" about Jah or His Will, but as I know myself to be led by the Holy Spirit I do see around me the neccesity for knowledge and overstanding when it comes to Mystery Babylon.

As Christianity and the Movement of Rastafari both are infiltrated by the New Age Movement and other Babylonian sects, we see the con-fusion or spiritual fornication at work before our very eyes and if we don't know what it is we are seeing, we might not realize the horrible reality that is this Mystery.

Time doesn't stop, and we see science coming to the creation of the "post humans" while the real humans are kept in slavery by a system that has to feed on what Jah gave for it is a cursed shitstem. We see an increase of UFO activety, which -if nothing else- shows how the supernatural has entered the laboraties of scientists and thinking of the avarage politicians.

Just like it was in those ancient days, in those days of Noah or Atlantis.

I think, that people need to know about Mystery Babylon. I think, that is is the duty for all of we who do know a little bit, to share what we know. We must share, and research too. We must place it in the Truth Perspective, for the times wherein "Babylon" was just-a-word and could easily be thrown away with the arrogance that is so common for the Initiated Ignorants, is over.

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread

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