Friday, August 1, 2008




WWW, July/August 2008 - Nobody has more than 24 hours in a day and seven days in a week. And so, your's truly has to realize this too after a failed attempt to simply ignore this basic fact of life. The result is, that I have to stop updating the website for a while to come.

Read all about it in this special personal update.


It's not nice to write this. Not nice, because I hate to admit the things I have to admit for myself here. I will do it publicly. Not because of some masochistic motivation, but simply because I do things in public and I have to explain what I have to explain.

I was already slowing down on updates, but now I am going to slow down even more. The reason being, that I simply can't do all the things that I am currently doing and it has grown over my head right now.

I wake up in the morning, and basically have to deal with a lot of things before I go to sleep again. But this isn't really possible at the moment, because I simply do not have the energy and the time.

I have 100's of unread e-mails, 10's of riddims to mix and sing, a long list of yet-to-review-material, books to write and so on and so forth. A situation which comes into existance as the result of the fact that I do not have the energy, sometimes not even to go out of my house.

What's going on?

Well, I don't wanna say too much in public about everything. Got people to protect and thing. But I am in a phase in my life that is between situations. I might very well end in a different country from where I will work further, but that is not my first option. Those who know me a bit more personal know what I am talking about, but I remain to be very very reluctant in sharing private stuf on public places so to speak.

However, this private situation does affect/effect (i do not know the right word right now) my public works too and it will affect/effect more as time goes by, at least for the coming months.

Basically, I do not know where I will be in a few weeks from now and that situation will not change fore these upcoming months. I tried very hard to work ahead in time so that my private runnings would not negatively affect/effect (yeah, it must be affect) those who like to read the new reviews and columns and so on, but i must admit: I can't do it cause I don't have the energy.

In the end, as said, I am in between two situations. The situation I expect to be in after having been living thought this terrible phase, will help me siginificantly in producing more stuff, but until that time I am in a situation wherein certain things take all my attention.

When I keep pushing myself to produce, which is what I do being the workaholic that I am, I push myself beyond my limits. The results are that I totally collapse. I dont even have the energy to look at my emails, to answer the phone, to even open the door of my house. I don't even have the energy to participate in "my" own message boards.

Please pray for me and people around me who are also involved, because we truly need Jah Guidance. I notice that we are attacked a lot, where in the same time we're fighting and struggling for the well-being of certain people who have been suffering all their lifes.

I'll try to visit the Message Boards daily, I will also keep you posted as best as I can, I'm not planning to go off-line and I know that after this situation I will have a lot to share.


  1. I`ll pray for ya man! All the best from Norway.

  2. This is a warning ...Selassie-I is calling...mek dem know di fyah bun da wicked..well red..RISE iT..BLAZE IT...satan nu love when we hail RAS-TAFAR-I, when we hail our KING as the most High...strengthen your mind messian dread JAHOUVIA works everywhere and everytime..Ises for you big up bredda..don`t give up
    HALLELUJAH...blessings in the name of the Almighty ADON-I ZION-I...for whom it may concern...BABYLON is falling Ahamlack is calling

  3. Dearest Messian Dread. I hear your cry and I'm so sorry for you. You are in my prayers and Kristos is with us all that suffer. Think you so much for all you have done in His name. You have help to guide me back to Kristos and I think you for that. Stay strong my Friend and God Bless you and the people around you!
    Your Brethren through Kristos name,
    Jon Braswell.


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