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WWW, November 2008 - Right now, in 2008, the words "Roots Reggae" mean quite a different thing than it used to. Roots Reggae Mix volume 3 shows, how what once was Dancehall now is Roots.

The first two episodes of this excellent excursion into late 1970's, early 1980's Reggae gave us a crucial introduction to Rub a Dub. This early Dancehall Music is now considered to be Roots, and not in the least because many people nowadays to not know the difference between Rockers and Rub a Dub.

Rockers Reggae, in the 1970's, was often called "Roots Reggae" as well. It is the basic form of the rhythm we all love so much, and it was usually played with a numerous amount of musicians participating in the recordings.

When the 1980's began to rise at the horizon of time, the music changed. Keyboards and electronic drums began to have a more predominant place in especially the tracks that were played in the Dancehalls and at Sound Systems.

Dub became more prominent, where the Drum and Bass also changed significantly. Electronic effects like the Digital Delay slowly replaced the tape echo's, et cetera et cetera.

It was not before Ronald Reagan's war on drugs cause the island of Jamaica to be flooded with cokane while the ganja fields were burned down, that "Dancehall Reggae" slowly became a form of Jamaican music that many see as very distinct from Reggae.

Where Rub a Dub cannot be defined as anything else but Reggae Music, Ragga went clearly beyond that. Some complained about Rub a Dub, but it's follow-up genre called Ragga made many to think that Reggae had ceased to exist and hence the word Roots got a new meaning.

In this third episode, we are being treated to a number of crucial Rub a Dub and Rockers Reggae selection. The difference between the two styles are so evident, that even those that think all Reggae sounds the same will notice it.

Simply essential!


01. Rod Taylor Bad Man Comes Dillinger No Chuck It
02. Bingi Bunny Me And Jane Nicodemus Gunman Connection
03. Vivian Jones Nahya Bingi Sis Nya Jah Works
04. Winston Jarrett 100Lbs Of Collie Weed Jah Stone Collie Weed
05. Barrington Levy Dont Give Up Meditations Carpenter Rebuild Eek A Mouse Na Make Me Girl Go Away
06. Max Romeo One Step Foward Prince Jazzbo Ital Corner
07. Al Campbell Take A Ride Johnny Osbourne Truths And Rights Lone Ranger Automatic
08. Trevor Junior Its History Yellowman And Fathead Richman Poorman
09. Reggae George Streetside Lover Prince Far I Take Heed Frontline
10. Gregory Isaacs Tumbling Tears I Roy Dread Have The Handle Ranking Barnabas Tumbling Tears
11. Ras Imurh Asha Im Waiting For You Love Lacksley Castell Leaving
12. Martin Campbell Jah Love Twinkle Brothers Faith Can Move Mountains
13. Al Campbell Time So Hard Barrington Levy Begging You A Ten Cent Sir
14. Mad Professor Psychologically Yours Ranking Ann Black Rock Posse



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