Monday, January 26, 2009


Dubroom Online - January 26 2009


WWW, January 26 2009 - Ever wondered why there were "incidents where God commanded a whole population to be exterminated"?

"The whole point" for this was the very same whole point as why Jah downstroyed Sodom and Gomorrah as well as the pre-flood world and it has not so much to do with human beings as most people tend to believe.

Joshua and the Israelites had to wipe out whole populations, true that. However, these populations were not human. They were the nephilim. Their cities were Nephilim Strongholds.

Want to know why some phrases are between quotation marks?

Download "Nephilim Stronghold" and find out why, then please not forget to rate the tune!

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

The above column is the personal opinnion of the Webmaster and does not neccesarily reflect the contents of the Dubroom Website and/or Message Boards and/or Weblogs.


January 25 and 26, we'll be releasing one track a day of the brand new two-track single "Crazy Coneheads/Nephilim Stronghold".
Two DUB tracks centered around the theme of the Nephilim: the unholy offspring of angelic beings who made children with the daughters of men.

All of this is mentioned in books like the Bible, the Kebra Negast and the Book of Enoch. Skulls and bones of the Nephilim have been found everywhere, too.

As usual, the tunes will be available for free in High Quality MP3 and true CD Quality Wave Audio!


NEPHILIM STRONGHOLD, a Dub from a Steppers riddim, has a joyous vibe. As "the whole point" of the "incidents where God commands a population to be exterminated" is explained in just a little bit more than the title alone.


320Kbit MP3
- 44.100 Khz 16 Bit Wave Audio


WWW, January 2009 - As we continue to integrate the Dubroom Website with the weblogs, a new interesting way of leaving an easy and quick feedback to our items is installed!


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