Saturday, February 7, 2009



WWW, February 2009 - "Which Obama did you vote for?" A question posed to the viewer toward the end of this video. That's ten minutes after seeing countless of "changes"... in Obama's message!

What is the kind of "change" Obama really stands for? In his first week in office, he already bombed Pakistan, killing innocent people including children. He announced that he would not do anything about the illegal CIA renditions either, for example.

These are not things expected by the millions who cheered Obama as he was (s)elected in November 2008. Under slogans that had words like "hope" and "change we can believe in", he seeded a false hope in the hearts and minds of millions.

In just ten minutes, we can take a look at the enormous amount of "mixed messages" Obama has been given throughout the last years.

A short list.

Is he for or against the war? Doe s he want to spend more or less on the Military Industrial Complex? Does she say "God Bless America", or does he say "God Damn America"? Does he want to give sex education in Kindergarten or not?

Actually, it doesn't really matter on which side of the fence you are. Obama will probably have said something that you really like. In the same time, he will also have said something that you really don't like as it opposes everything you stand for. About the same topic, that is...

Seeing is believing!


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