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WWW, August 2009 - This month marks the start of what is not only a very interesting period when it comes to downloading free and legal High Quality MP3 files, it also marks the end of a feature in the Dubroom MP3 Portal that was there for many years: the Emusic Portal. Read all about a very exciting time ahead!

Bad news for those that used the Dubroom's E-Music Portal: it's gone. Because there are still links to the portal on hundreds of pages, only the front page remains, explaining the reason why it's gone.

First of all, when they started their affiliate program, E-music offered nice things to the people. No More....This became less and less, and in the meantime they changed providers several times, so that every link of the more than 360 albums and the rest had to be changed. Since the Dubroom is a manual site, not an automated one, this is a lot of work.

They didn't inform their affiliates about their last move, about a year or so ago. Everyone had to re-apply to become affiliate and the offers they had were so low, that it was really not worth the trouble to maintain the portal. Even though the links still worked, nothing came out of it no more and it was only a matter of time before they would all go dead.

Too bad, as it was a pleasure to set up and maintain the portal for all these years.

Anyway, one door closed but two doors opened: the EZ TRACKS Portal and our brand new series of Dubroom Online MP3 Reviews.

To the Dubroom EZ Tracks PortalEZTRACKS.com is a website which offers their visitors 1000 free downloads. The registration and download process is a bit complicated and even irritating at times, but there are about 72 crucial Reggae tunes to be discovered so you might like to check it out as we've made it possible to listen to each and every one of these tracks before jumping into the registration and download process.

To the Dubroom Online MP3 ReviewsThe Dubroom Online MP3 Reviews is a brand new series, wherein a review of a free and legal MP3 file is offered on a daily basis for several months to come. We're talking about artists like Mikey Dread, Jah Stitch, Sugar Minott, Luciano, and quite a whole flood more. We're talking 100's of tracks, which can be downloaded straight from download pages right here on the Dubroom. Everything free and legal, with compliments and respect from the various labels that want to introduce their releases to you in a more than friendly and positive way.

To the Dubroom Artist PagesIn the same time, we've made a start in creating Dubroom Artist Pages, from where everyone can easily find just what the Dubroom has on the artist of your choice. These pages are integrated with the other section of the Dubroom Reviews, like the Video and MP3 reviews. We've also added extra features to the Dubroom Artist Pages such as Wikipedia entries. All in all, these pages -when they're finished, which will not likely to be in this year- will hopefully a welcome addition to the Dubroom.

This-and-that means, that in the coming months, together with all the nice additions, the especially the Dubroom MP3 Portal is going to look quite different when it comes to content. Pages with dead links will either be updated or removed, many more pages will come with some really interesting material!

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

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