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WWW, August 2009 - First of all: this section of the Dubroom is under heavy construction and will unlikely be ready before the end of the year. But when it's finished, it will be a very interesting place to browse as you can find stuff on the hundreds of artists reviewed on this site.

The Dubroom has been reviewing music almost since the foundation of this site in 1997. It started with some humble descriptions of albums, then came the MP3 format, only to be followed by Video.

Currently (August 2009), the Dubroom has several sections. There's a place to read album reviews, you go to another part of the site to check out video's, and then you surf to the MP3 section to download some free and legal sounds.

You can browse through each section, but until now one needed to use the search engine to discover just what the Dubroom has reviewed from a specific artist. Even though the site makes use of the Google Search engines, the need for a section where it is possible to find out what the Dubroom reviewed from which artist became more and more obvious.

However, the Dubroom Artist Pages are more than a collection of the Dubroom reviews sorted by artist rather than format. In fact, each artist can potentially have a complete mini-website and it starts with the web address (URL). Messian Dread's artist page, for example, is located at the address

When you enter an artist's page, you'll see something like an introduction. Messian Dread's Artist Page That could be a bio, a (short) Dubroom review of the artist, a Wikipedia entry or something else. You will also see at least one "similar artist".

A small menu will give you the choice to discover the reviews or the "MORE" option. If an option is unavailable, you can't click on it.

"MORE" is nothing less than what it means. When you press it, you'll see "links and things" which could be anything from a short review of and link to an artist's (official) website to an interview or (collection of) article(s).

It's also possible to browse the artist's by alphabet. A couple of little icons next to the artist's name gives you a quick look at what's available:

Video Review(s) Of This Artist AvailableVideo Review(s)
Album Review(s) Of This Artist AvailableAlbum Review(s)
MP3 Review(s) Of This Artist AvailableMP3 Review(s)
Interviews/Articles With/Of This Artist AvailableInterviews/ Articles
More On This Artist AvailableMore

Obviously, much of the material reviewed on Dubroom is not hosted by the website. We only report on the free and legal online (DUB) Reggae possibilities, and therefore it's important to look at the date of the reviews. Things might have been taken offline and even though maintenance is performed, we can only guarantee the availability of the review itself. In that case, the review remains relevant for historical reasons.

As the Dubroom Artist Pages are expanded with new arrivals, existing pages edited and updated, we hope that this section will not only be a welcome addition to the Dubroom, but to the whole online (DUB) Reggae Community as well!

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