Monday, October 19, 2009

Dubroom Online, Edition October 19 2009

Dubroom Online, Edition October 19 2009

Dubroom Online, Edition October 19 2009


WWW, October 19 2009 - As I'm slowly getting back on track after being traveling to and fro another continent for about two years, I am experiencing just why Jah wants us to give thanks over the things we have.

Many people would think that Jah is in need for thanks, or even something worse than that. However, the truth is quite contrary. For it is us, His children, who are in need of giving thanks to Jah.

If you give thanks to Jah, you show that you apprecilove what He does for you. That means, you are able to put it is the right perspective, for everything Jah does for His children is for the good of these children.

It also means, that Jah will give us more reason to thank Him for. Our eyes will open to a greater extend and we really learn to apprecilove what otherwise, so many times, is just taken for granted by most of us, myself definitely included..

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

The above column is the personal opinnion of the Webmaster and does not neccesarily reflect the contents of the Dubroom Website and/or Message Boards and/or Weblogs.




WWW, October 19 2009 - There's an album with the title "Reggae Sunday School". The album is filled with stuff you do not want to expose your children to.

Instead, you want to turn to some real Reggae Sunday School: for example, this crucial track by the one and only Dread At The Control containing crucial music, mixing and teachings. Go Deh!



WWW, October 2009 - Nadine Sutherland has the remedy: it's a pumping One Drop drums and ditto bassline, echo's here and there everything in a very acceptable tempo. Not for nothing the title track of her excellent release on Eight76 Records.



WWW, October 2009 - They called him the "Rhythm Master", because of his strong productions. His close collaboration with King Tubby's the God Father of DUB was definitely an influential part in this. Financial problems, however, disabled him from pressing his material on the wide scale it deserved.

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