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WWW, October 2009 - When you open the Bible, sooner or later you will recognize lines which have been used as lyrics in too many Reggae tunes to mention. 85% of all Reggae Artists will have at least one title livicated to the Creator, almost always called by a Name "JAH".

A commentary. ..

I remember when as a teenager I started reading the Bible in English, I recognized many sentences. I heard them before, over drum and basslines, but I never knew them to be Bible quotations.

We're not talking about a few quotes here and there by some obscure artist, in fact we're talking about just about everyone. In Cyberspace, you can even find a website livicated to Bible Quotes and Reggae Lyrics where you can verify for yourself just how important the Bible is for many, many Reggae artists.

Even in Dancehall music, where you will find a strong objection against the homosexual lifestyle, it is not uncommon to quote the Bible, or to express a personal faith in the Creator. In itself, this rejection of the homosexual lifestyle is also based on what many would call "religious beliefs" that drives many if not the majority of Reggae artists.

It is fair to say, that there is more than just a superficial connection with the music that is Reggae and the fact that many, if not most artists who play the music do have some kind of faith in the Creator and usually call Him by the Name JAH. And therefore, this connection must be visible in more than one aspect, which it is.

There's one aspect in particular which exposes this connection, and how it works out practically within Reggae Culture. I always look at this aspect as a small fulfillment of a prophecy, which says that every tongue will tell and every knee will bow for Jah Almighty.

There are many, many people actively involved in Reggae Promotion and do not consider themselves to believe in Jah. They could be self-proclaimed atheists, agnostics, and what have you. These people usually will tell you all about the "non-religious" parts of Reggae to make the point that they too can be involved in Reggae Promotion and they are absolutely right when they do so.

Still, there's a funny side to that, when you see just what some of these people are doing. You see them using the African Tricolor of Red, Gold and Green, you see them using the Ethiopian symbol of the Lion of Judah, you will even see them using the Name of JAH in order to "create that Reggae vibe", so to speak.

However you want to look at this, it is clear that when you are involved in Reggae Music on an active level, there's a couple of things you can and cannot do in Reggae Culture, a Culture so much connected with the worship of the Creator under His Name JAH and the Bible as a source of reference, the reading of which is driven by a personal faith, not a religion.

Ras, Reggae, Religion? I don't think so.

Ras-Reggae Relation? Definitely so.

Who feels it knows it. Come mek we reason!

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread

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