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WWW, September 2009 - Last August 17, the Dubroom started with a brand new daily series of MP3 reviews, all coming with a free and legal direct download link on the review page.

Here's the schedule for the month of November, 2009.

As we enter into the third full month of the Dubroom Online MP3 Reviews serial, has already been undergoing a more than interesting change in the catalogue of available music. In this month, JAH Willing we'll be continuing that quality and quantity improvement of what still is the largest collection of interesting free and legal (DUB) Reggae MP3's.

Even though not every style of (DUB) Reggae will appeal to everyone in the same degree, we hope that this month you'll also find music that will appeal to you. Contemporary Roots by Edi Fitzroy, UK DUB from the Abassi All-Stars, Jamaican DUB with Mikey Dread: just three selections out of many more.

Culture's lead singer Joseph Hill, who unfortunately passed away, has a son who is obviously mentored by his father but remains to have his own personal touch. This month, the Dubroom features two tracks by Kenyata Hill that need special attention by everyone who hasn't yet heard the singer.

All in all, we hope that you'll find some crucial advise for your next (DUB) Reggae purchases in this month's selection of completely free and legal MP3's that you can download without any registration straight from the Dubroom's review pages.

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)


Dubroom Online MP3 Reviews For November 2009

1. Edi Fitzroy - Hold The Vibes
2. Abassi All-Stars and Junior Kigwa - Jah Before Us
3. Ticklah - Scratch To Win
4. No More Babylon - Children Are Dying
5. Power Steppers - Fanfare
6. Beat Pharmacy - Rooftops
7. Edi Fitzroy - Sow Your Corn
8. Gregory Isaacs - Warning
9. Africano and Renegade - Love Love Love
10. Mr. King - Borderline
11. Kenyatta 'Culture' Hill - Mighty Race
12. Burning Spear - Marcus Garvey (Live at Reggae on the Rocks)
13. Enos Mac Leod - Money Lover
14. Stevie Culture - Time To Check Ourselves
15. Abassi All-Stars and Fita Warri - Help The Youth
16. The Itals - Never say Never
17. Kenyatta 'Culture' Hill - Daddy
18. Edi Fitzroy - Work On Mr Farmer
19. Stevie Culture - Why Can't We All Get Along?
20. Mikey General - For The Children Sake
21. Gregory Isaacs - Long Sentence
22. Love Grocer - No Turning Back
23. Love Grocer - No Turning Back DUBWISE
24. Tommy Mc Cook and the Supersonic - Green Mango
25. Mikey Dread - Break Down The Walls
26. Natty King - Pray Today
27. Enos Mac Leod - Sweet Sexy
28. Edi Fitzroy - Coming Up Strong
29. Gregory Isaacs - Rudi
30. Ticklah - Want Not

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