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WWW, July 2010 - Starting off with some brand new and upcoming releases from VP Records, only to end1 hour and 40 minutes later with some heavy-duty DUB tracks: welcome to another Radio Dubroom selection featuring Capleton, Sizzla, Vibronics, Alpha and Omega plus a whole heap of other Dub and (other) Reggae Niceness.

Radio Dubroom is not about sharing the private (DUB) Reggae collection of the selector, and not just because copyright issues are a major obstacle. The podcast is truly an addition to what is already on the Dubroom, created with the very same challenge that the rest of the website provides for the contributors.

Just like the Dubroom doesn't carry any illegal links, so is all music on the podcast pre-cleared, with the exception of a rare or out-of-print tune which we might play here and there. So we have either explicit permission to play the music on the show or it's simply available free and legal on the Internet. Usually, we will already have reviewed that free and legal material at, our huge portal filled with reviews of free and legal MP3 files.

The tenth episode of Radio Dubroom 2010 is completely within this concept, too. As we recently obtained permission by VP RECORDS and ALPHA AND OMEGA to play and promote their music on the podcast, this show contains a number of tunes from the label which are scheduled for release next month or so, for example the Greensleeves release of old unreleased Sizzla material or the latest single by Capleton.

After the initial 20 minutes or so in which we play new releases and a release by Linvall Thompson, we continue with a track by the Jamaican based Italian singer Alborosie, who chants down Babylon in a heartical and rootical way because Babylon exiled the Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Festival out of Italy so that the whole thing is now held in Spain (MORE INFO HERE).

With this Alborosie track we enter into another section of the show, which basically lasts through the rest of the podcast. It's a selection of contemporary music from NO MORE BABYLON, VIBRONICS and ALPHA AND OMEGA as well as a host of other DUB and ROOTS producers and artists.

A special part is the mix between a track from the brand new Net Album d├ębut by TIBURK SOUND SYSTEM, combined with two poems from Jamaican DUB Poet VIAJAH MORGAN.

When the show ends with a more than crucial DUB track by the Belgian Roots singer Sister Mika, we've heard a couple of hard stepping Dubs of which the Madaski Remix of BR Stylers is definitely noteworthy. Vibronics with three tracks, Alpha and Omega with two: this podcast really starts with cool runnings going over into hot steppers!


01. Pama Intl - It's All About The Dub (FREE MP3 HERE)
02. Linvall Thompson - Warrior King (FROM GHETTO LIVING)
03. Sizzla - Crucial Time (COURTESY VP RECORDS)
04. Capleton - Some Day (COURTESY VP RECORDS)
05. Duane Stephenson - Sufferer's Eye (COURTESY VP RECORDS)
06. Alborosie and David Hines - Steppin' Out (COURTESY VP RECORDS)
07. Alborosie - Rototom Free (FREE MP3 HERE)
08. Dubterror with Echo Ranks & Jah Marnyah - Technology (FREE MP3 HERE)
09. No More Babylon - Children Are Crying (FREE MP3 HERE)
10. No More Babylon - Youthman (FREE MP3 HERE)
11. Sly Riko - Revelation Dub (FREE MP3 HERE)
12. Alpha and Omega - Dub Prophet (COURTESY ALPHA AND OMEGA)
13. Alpha and Omega - Dub Philosophy (COURTESY ALPHA AND OMEGA)
14. Tiburk Sound System with Viajah Morgan - Teachings of Sakayamouni - The Poet/Justice (FREE MP3 HERE) (VIAJAH MORGAN HERE)
15. I-Plant - Run Away (FREE MP3 HERE)
16. Lackatee with Malone Rootikal - Hard Steppers Dub (FREE MP3 HERE)
17. Da Step Corner - The Last Drop (Terror Version) (FREE MP3 HERE)
18. Vibronics - Only One Dub (COURTESY VIBRONICS)
19. Alambic Conspiracy - Deep Frozen Dub (FREE MP3 HERE)
20. BR Stylers - Fire from Hell (Madaski Remix) (FREE MP3 HERE)
21. Vibronics - Samsara (COURTESY VIBRONICS)
22. Vibronics - Dinosaur (COURTESY VIBRONICS)
23. Sista Mika and Sen-C P - When I Fall In Dub (FREE MP3 HERE)


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