Monday, July 12, 2010




WWW, July 2010 - Here is chapter eight of Radio Dubroom 2010: over two hours of High Quality (DUB) Reggae Music, every one of the twenty-nine titles created in this century and also available for free and legal MP3 download!
The show kicks off with a rocking Dub by the Spanish band Hotdrop, after which the UK based band PAMA Intl. takes over with a nice discomix. Three vocal track follow, of which Sheya Mission's "Summertime" is a pre-release from her upcoming album which will be released by Gold Heart Music.
The next segment is a selection of vocal tracks with their Dub versions. Again it's the Spanish Hotdrop kicking it off, and via Mysticman we get into a righteous message by the Wicked DUB Division.
We continue with a selection of DUB tunes, most of them Steppers. Again, Sheya Mission but this time with a pumping DUB from Gold Heart Music who also released the Daweh Congo DUB. Hatman, Dubzoic and The Blackstarliners, just three names out of the DUB segment.
Winston McAnuff begins the last part of the show, containing vocals and DUBs in Steppers style. Two titles from the Italian DUB Community follow, three productions by yours truly the selector of this show end just over two hours of Reggae Blessings from 21st Century Cyberspace.
01. Hotdrop - Straight To The Greencat's Head (Free MP3 HERE)
02. PAMA Intl. - Highrise (Free MP3 HERE)
03. Dass Pilah - Conscious Man (Free MP3 HERE)
04. Mykal Rose - Are You Ready For Something New (Free MP3 HERE)
05. Sheya Mission - Summertime (Free MP3 HERE)
06. Hotdrop - Tell Me AKA Pum Pum (Free MP3 HERE)
07. Hotdrop - Dub The Pum Pum (Free MP3 HERE)
08. Mysticman - Dub After Rain (Free MP3 HERE)
09. Mysticman - Sunshine After Rain (Free MP3 HERE)
10. Wicked DUB Division - One Blood (Free MP3 HERE)
11. Wicked DUB Division - One Blood Dub (Free MP3 HERE)
12. Sheya Mission - Valley DUB (Free MP3 HERE)
13. Hatman - Upon The Dub (Free MP3 HERE)
14. Daweh Congo - Joy Brings Dub (Free MP3 HERE)
15. Dubzoic - Let There Be Dub (Free MP3 HERE)
16. Dubzoic - Realize It (Free MP3 HERE)
17. The Blackstarliners - Black Star Line Dub (Free MP3 HERE)
18. DUB Engine - Warrior In The Fight (Free MP3 HERE)
19. Redi - Refugees (Free MP3 HERE)
20. The Blackstarliners - Faya DUB (Free MP3 HERE)
21. Winston McAnuff and Manutension - Jean Philippe (Free MP3 HERE)
22. Shakaroot - Now Is The Time Dubplate (Free MP3 HERE)
23. Shakaroot and King Kietu - King Rising Dub (Free MP3 HERE)
24. BR Stylers - Jah Plan (Free MP3 HERE)
25. BR Stylers - Jah Plan Version (Free MP3 HERE)
26. Messian Dread - Dub Doun Di Dragon (Free MP3 HERE)
27. Me Zion Dread - Secret Place Of The Most High (Free MP3 HERE)
28. Me Zion Dread - Rhythm Of The Spiritual Warrior (Free MP3 HERE)
29. Messian Dread - Too Much (Free MP3 HERE)

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