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WWW, July 2010 - This week’s episode of Radio Dubroom is completely livicated to the works of Conscious Sounds Studio’s and Vibronics of the UK and the Italian based Dub band/collective BR Stylers. Roots and culture galore, with almost all tracks coming with their vocal and Dub version!

A big THANK YOU! should be given to Dougie Wardrop and Steve Vibronics for granting permission to the Dubroom for playing their -outstanding- material on Radio Dubroom. Both names are well established within the UK DUB and ROOTS scene, not without reason because they have helped to give birth to what in the meantime is known under the name EURODUB and ROOTS, of which BR Stylers is one very, very fine example.

This is truly a heavyweight podcast, carrying three musical generations of producers and artists all represented by one of the best. From Dougie Wardop’s Conscious Sounds to Vibronics to the Italian based BR Stylers, this is an all-killer-no-filler selection featuring singers like Tena Stelin, Prince Alla and Jah Free.

This is one and a half hour of pure uplifting sounds for the heart and soul.

Conscious Sounds

The Conscious Sounds studio and label is run by Dougie Wardrop. He is widely seen as one of the founders of the sound we come to know as UK DUB and ROOTS, even though Dougie himself seem to prefer to call bascially everything “Reggae” rather then point out to the location of where the music is made. Still, the specific sound that Dougie helped shaping needs a name, even though it spread to the rest of Europe and even beyond so we now speak about EURODUB and well.

As said, Dougie Wardrop was there at the birth. In an interview with the English Culture Reggae website, you can read how the music took shape after Jamaica basically turned to Dancehall with the Sleng-Teng riddim and so on, somewhere in the 1980’s. Even in London, there was just one place to go if you wanted to hear Roots Music: JAH Shaka. Dougie Wardrop and others started to provide the much needed Roots and Culture music to the Spound Systems and the rest is history, of which you can hear a little bit in this podcast.


This year, Steve Vibronics can look back at 15 years of works within the UK DUB and ROOTS scene. He got his inspiration from the Aba Shant-I Sound System and handed his first recording over to the owner of the sound. It didn’t take long for them to cut dub plates from the recording, and the rest is history. A very interesting history, that is.

He signed up for Zion Train’s Universal Egg label, toured with them and then went on to collaborate with UK based Dub Activist Jah Free for an album where both names provided half of the material. Steve Vibronics went on to produce one crucial dub plate after the other, released two more full length albums and has in the mean time founded his own SCOOPS label, of which we play some very nice selections in this podcast.

BR Stylers

From Conscious Sounds in the 1980’s to Vibronics in the 1990’s, 2000 gave birth to one very interesting DUB and ROOTS collective/band based in the northern parts of Italy. Their first big appearance was at the well-known Rototom Sunsplash festival, which was then still held in Italy. The response was very good and that should not be a suprise for anyone who has even heard just one tune of the group.

They kept on performing in a wide number of countries, sharing stages with Mad Professor, Zion Train and other greats from the UK DUB and ROOTS scene. While doing so, they released one album after the other, most of which can be downloaded for free straight from their website. The sound of BR Stylers is of course massively inspired by UK DUB and ROOTS, and in their own might they can be seen as one of the first generations of EURODUB and ROOTS: uplifting, inspiring music both lyrically and musically, always accompanied by a heavy bass and crucial Dub versions.



01. Tena Stelin and Centry - Jah Can Help Us Dub
02. Barry Issacs and Centry - Jah Bible
03. Sentry - Jah Bible Dub
04. Cyrenius Black - Jah Is My Rock (Discomix)
05. Cyrenius Black - No Peace (Discomix)
06. Tena Stelin and Centry - Can’t Touch jah
07. Centry - Can’t Touch Jah Dub


08. Tena Stelin and Vibronics - Hold On To Jah
09. Livication Riddim Section and Vibronics - Hold On To Jah Dub
10. Madu and Vibronics - Don’t Judge
11. Livication Riddim Section and Vibronics - Judgement Version
12. Wayne Mc Arthur and Vibronics - Mercy
13. Livication Riddim Section and Vibronics - Version
14. Vibronics - Jah Music
15. Vibronics - Jah Dub


16. Vibronics and BR Stylers - Over This Place
17. BR Stylers - 100
18. BR Stylers - 100 Dub
19. Jah Free and BR Stylers - Jah Free vs BR Stylers
20. BR Stylers - Let Them Shine
21. BR Stylers - Let Them Shine Dub
22. BR Stylers - Come Back To The Truth
23. BR Stylers - Come Back To The Truth Dub


24. Errol Matthis and Jah Bunny - Path Of The Just (CONSCIOUS SOUNDS)
25. Vibronics and BR Stylers - Internet Exclusive Remix (VIBRONICSS)
26. Prince Alla and BR Stylers - Santur (BR STYLERS)

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