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WWW, August 16 2010 - Not one, but two podcasts: both of them are well recommended as one dives into contemporary Roots and Culture mainly from the UK and EURO Dub scenes and the other is totally livicated to none other than Mikey Dread! On top of that, a brand new Messian Dread two-track release and a wonderful album by the Spanish based Emeterians.

Sure, usually Dubroom Weekly contains much more than "just" one review, a podcast and a release. However, especially those who checked out last week's interview with Jah Dawta and your's truly on the Zeph Report will have noticed that this kind of a hectic time down here.

Positively hectic, that is.

But then, you have to check out just what this is all about, in order to overstand....

Another release with two brand new, original riddims and Dubs by yours truly: another thing I was blessed to do last week. I'm boiling with inspiration and behind the scenes a project is in the making which will be released in due time. The inspiration obviously comes in a time where I was already wondering if I would make at least one tune this year but as usual I worry too much and should just realize that Jah always takes care of business so to speak.

Apart from the inspiration to produce, I am also putting a lot of effort in Radio Dubroom. Since I'm using a different technology than I'm used to do with the old Radio Dubroom as well as my live DJ shows, I have to find out a lot still but I think I'm improving. Lazy me, I have loads of jingles but I'm only using one or two. I'm not lazy in actively approaching labels, producers and artists for permission to play their music but not everyone replies, let me leave it at that. Those who do, can -as far as this website is concerned- be considered as truly loving the music and loving the music to get to the people. They don't just talk the talk but they actually walk the walk.

Ah, well, what's new? Not what I just said....

Two podcasts, and that is not at all because one of the episodes has that "dreadful" number 13. I'm not superstitious, besides my body was born on the 13th as well and I know too well just why that number is told to be "unlucky": it was one day on a Friday in which the freemasons had a defeat somewhere in their history. Or was it the templars? It doesn't matter: let them fear that number, I know Yesus and his 12 made thirteen too.

Episode 13 of Radio Dubroom 2010 deals stricktly with heavyweight Roots and Culture from the UK and the European continent. It's a podcast with a lot of bass, a lot of foundational music and a lot of upful, inspiring lyrics which is obviously springing from the Most High Himself. The other podcast, number 14, is totally livicated to the One And Only Mikey Dread: seventy-two minutes of pure Roots and Culture from the days which many preterist disdainfully call "golden age of Reggae", as if Reggae has a colonialist history and no future at all...

Ever heard of the Emeterians? To my utmost shame, I must admit that until last week I had not heard of the band. I should, though, and as soon as I did I knew that this band should be exposed to a larger audience, to which I hope to contribute a bit by prioterizing the review of their album "Change the Mood".

The album has been playing several times over here in the Dubroom, on headphones and on speakers. I'm sure that the street we reside in have been enjoying the vibes too. Blessed music for real, and not -"just"- because of the fact that the music is recorded in the very same way as that other Spanish band Hotdrop likes to record their music: traditionally analogue.

Next week, Jah willing, another edition. That edition will -again, Jah willing- be quite large. The reason for that has to do with the fact that I really have to do some things in the Outernet.

Wanna know what? Check it out!

One Love, Give Thanks,
Messian Dread (Dubroom Webmaster)

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