Monday, August 9, 2010


WWW, August 2010 - The 12th episode of Radio Dubroom 2010 is filled with Roots and Culture: From a pre-release of Luciano's brand new album "United States of Africa" to some selections from the legacy and a healthy doses of UK and EURO DUB.
Blessed vibes, indeed: it already starts with the very first title, coming with it's Dub version before the vocal part. Blessings from Jah we at the Dubroom wish to each and everyone, which also shows in the next few selections featuring Everton Blender and Luciano.
Luciano's brand new album "United States of Africa" is scheduled for release this month, but VP Records gives us a sneak preview with the excellent track Moving On, surprisingly in a real retro sound.
Luciano's voicing of a Twilight Circus riddim introduces us to the main section of this episode of Radio Dubroom 2010: music from some of the top names in the area of UK DUB and EURO DUB, and Roots. From the continent: OBF as featured in the recently reviewed "Fire Dub Revolution" compilation, plus a couple of selections from the Italian Dub Community, including BR Stylers, Moa Anbessa and Dub Engine, where from the UK we have Jonah Dan, Conscious Sounds, Disciples and Alpha and Omega.
Over one hour and twenty minutes of Pure Roots and Culture.
01. Benaiah - Blessings From Jah (Dub) ( LEGACY)
02. Benaiah - Blessings From Jah ( LEGACY)
03. Everton Blender - Traveled the World (RADIO DIRECT X)
04. Luciano - Moving On (VP RECORDS)
05. Luciano and Twilight Circus - What We Got To Do (FREE MP3 HERE)
06. BR Stylers - Wrong Preachers (FREE MP3 HERE)
07. BR Stylers - Wrong Preachers Dub (FREE MP3 HERE)
08. Dub Engine - Warrior In The Fight (FREE MP3 HERE)
09. Dub Engine - Warrior In the Dub (FREE MP3 HERE)
10. OBF - Mystik Revelation (FREE MP3 HERE)
11. Earth Ground Combination - Dem Nuh Cool (FREE MP3 HERE)
12. Earth Ground Combination - Dem Nuh Dub (FREE MP3 HERE)
13. Alpha and Omega with Disciples - Roaring Lion (COURTESY ALPHA AND OMEGA)
14. Alpha and Omega - Is This A Dream? (COURTESY ALPHA AND OMEGA)
15. Moa Anbessa - Sixteen Tones (FREE MP3 HERE)
16. Moa Anbessa - Sixteen Dub (FREE MP3 HERE)
17. Jonah Dan Inner Sanctuary - Dangerous Dub ( LEGACY)
18. Jonah Dan Inner Sanctuary - Smuggling ( LEGACY)
19. Culture Freeman and the Bush Chemists - Dread Ina Dub (COURTESY CONSCIOUS SOUNDS)20. Culture Freeman and the Bush Chemists - Dread Ina Babylon (COURTESY CONSCIOUS SOUNDS)


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