Sunday, August 1, 2010




WWW, August 2010 - With 500 hard copies pressed, this free and legal online release by the crucial FRENCH DUB RELEASED NET LABEL even has some bonus tracks attached. Yes, here is another compilation of Dub tracks in several Dub styles, all of them more than recommended and beyond!

"Fire Dub Revolution" is definitely one of the most interesting releases by the FDR, which says something given the constant quality of the music the Net Label has blessed the Online Dub Reggae Community with already. It took the label one year more than they expected, but it definitely paid off musically. Hopefully, it will also pay off financially for the label even though French Dub Released has a non-profit nature: They did press 500 hard copies of the album which -at the time this is written- is about to be available for purchase.

Let's take a look at some names of the album: Webcam Hi-Fi and I-Plant, Together Brother Sounds, Jacin: The Fire Dub Revolution is massive. The album is very well compiled and sequenced, with all kinds of different styles following each other. Every track is Roots Reggae Dub, whether it's played by musicians or programmed by a producer. Vocals dropping crucial messages, consciousness galore which is another necessary ingredient for a True Roots compilation.

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