Monday, September 13, 2010

Radio Dubroom 2010 Chapter 15: Step Out Of Her Jah People - Straight and Narrow Road

WWW, August 2010 - Get your bass speakers out for a conscious experience that will keep you jumping and skanking for the full 120 minutes: In a two-hour selection of stricktly Steppers DUBs and Vocals, this episode of Radio Dubroom 2010 follows the musical Straight and Narrow road of the underground aka Roots!
With a true Alpha and Omega classic, originally released on 10 inch vinyl, Bush Chemists providing some positive advice and Kanka coming in warrior style, this show opens with three Dubs which pretty much set the tone for the rest of the podcast.
It's not just Dubwise, though, and the magnificent Pablo Gad enters with his massive "Technology" ("They Tek From You And They Tek From Me And They Call It Tek-knowlogy") plus Dub version to show it. Dub Conductor is next, with a brand new free release followed by a Dub Plate remix, unavailable for download.
More vocal tracks with their Dub versions: the mighty conscious Slimmah Sound from the Netherlands, associated with King Shiloh. His production "Jah Is My Light" with vocalist Kyle Sicarius is a massive piece of Roots Reggae, and featured in the show. Rohan Lee and Kenny Knots on Vibronics' Scoops Label are present as well, that is just before another selection of stricktly Dub enters.
Disciples, Jonah Dan, Alpha and Omega, Nucleus Roots: some top names in the field of UK Roots and especially DUB, a thing we can hear back in the Dub segment. Massive, deep bass for example!
In the final part of the show we go back to vocals with their Dub versions. Daddy Teacha, for example, known from the days enters with his collaboration with Alpha and Omega and Vibronics. There's more from Vibronics, more from Conscious Sounds and more from -again- the mighty and conscious Slimmah Sound. This time it's vocalist Zed-I with some remarks about the herb that is denied by some by accepter by others.
The show closes with a mighty Dub from the Italian Dub Community Showcase series. Redemption is a must, a thing which can be found at the end of the Straight and Narrow road, both musically and spiritually.
01. Alpha and Omega - Rastafari (Version) (Courtesy Alpha and Omega)
02. Bush Chemists - Light Up Your Spliff (Courtesy Conscious Sounds)
03. Kanka - Ring Dub (Courtesy Vibronics)
04. Pablo Gad - Technology (Courtesy Conscious Sounds)
05. Pablo Gad - Technology Dub (Courtesy Conscious Sounds)
06. Dub Conductor - Struggling 2010 Remix (FREE MP3 HERE)
07. Dub Conductor - Struggling 2010 Dub Plate (Courtesy Dub Conductor)
08. Kyle Sicarius - Jah Is My Light (Courtesy Slimmah Sound)
09. Kyle Sicarius - Enlighted Dub (Courtesy Slimmah Sound)
10. Livication Riddim Section - Way Out Version (Courtesy Vibronics)
11. Rohan Lee - No Easy Way Out (Courtesy Vibronics)
12. Kenny Knots - Shine His Light (Courtesy Vibronics)
13. Kenny Knots - Shine His Light Dub (Courtesy Vibronics)
14. Lab Frequency - Warriors Dub (From Italian Dub Community)
15. Disciples - Prowling Lion (Version) (Courtesy Universal Egg)
16. Jonah Dan Inner Sanctuary - Freeman Dub ( Legacy)
17. Alpha and Omega with Jonah Dan - Free Again Dub (Courtesy Alpha and Omega)
18. Nucleus Roots - Dub Life (Courtesy Nucleus Roots)
19. Nucleus Roots - Dub it Up Rasta (Courtesy Nucleus Roots)
20. Alpha and Omega with Daddy Teacha and Vibronics - Standing Firm Version (Courtesy Vibronics and Alpha and Omega)
21. Alpha and Omega with Daddy Teacha and Vibronics - Standing Firm (Courtesy Vibronics and Alpha and Omega)
22. Jah Marnyah - Ghetto Life (Courtesy Vibronics)
23. Jah Marnyah - Ghetto Life Version (Courtesy Vibronics)
24. King General and Bush Chemists - Long Dub (Courtesy Conscious Sounds)
25. King General and Bush Chemists - Long Way To Go (Courtesy Conscious Sounds)
26. Zed I - Jah Made The Herb (Courtesy Slimmah Sound)
27. Zed I - Dub The Herbs (Courtesy Slimmah Sound)
28. Rah and Mighty Prophets - Dub Redemption (From Italian Dub Community)


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