Monday, September 13, 2010

Radio Dubroom 2010 Chapter 19: Rockers Solid Foundation

WWW, September 2010 - Even though the music was created over three decades ago, there is not one milligram of the heavy weight gone missing. In "Rockers Solid Foundation", Radio Dubroom presents over one-and-a-half hour of pure Jamaican niceness from back then!
The opening track is a classic on it's own, even though originally there were only a few hundred copies pressed of the magnificent Tappa Zukie dubs. "MPLA" is a heavyweight steppers and definitely sets the tone for the rest of the show.
After Big Youth's classic Mosiah Garvey in Discomix style, we go to Trinity who give respect to the iriginal Jesus Dread, aka Yabby You. A big spiritual example to the webmaster of the Dubroom, it's obvious that Trinity is followed up by the man himself, as he chants along with his Prophets group that King Pharaoh better watch his step. More crucial toasting of Trinity on the same riddim, which makes place for some crucial mixing by the Founding Father of DUB himself: King Tubby's at the control.
Next up is two dubs and two vocals by Prince Jammy's at the Control and Horace Andy at the microphone stand. Dub mixing which will give you thrills, that is, when you feel Dubwise for what it really is. otherwise you cannot refuse the wisdom rendered verbally by Horace Andy, introduction not required.
Johnny Clarke, Prince Alla, Junior Ross, Sylford Walker: there's a segment of stricktly Discomixes and that segment comes right after the Prince Jammy and Horace Andy tracks. Heavyweight Roots in a style that has definitely moved forward into this century even though it's clear that the old skool equipment used back in the day were only heralding what was yet to come.
The final five titles of this tribute to the Founding Fathers goes back to a stricktly Dubwise vibe: inner Circle in a way they will not be recognized these days, two dubs that came as the result of Prince Jammy's mixing for Dennis Brown's DEB label and last but not least two Dubs from a collaboration with Prince Jammy and Michael Prophet, the great Reggae singer who was -just like Michael Rose and countless others- discovered and tutored by Yabby You, who was not just a great vocalist but equally if not even more a top notch producer.

01. Tappa Zukie - MPLA In Dub
02. Big Youth - Mosiah Garvey (Discomix)
03. Trinity - Jesus Dread
04. The Prophets and Trinity - King Pharaoh Plague (Discomix)
05. King Tubby's - King Pharaoh Dub
06. Prince Jammy's - Government Dub
07. Horace Andy - Government Land
08. Horace Andy - Leave Rasta
09. Prince Jammy's - Rasta Dub
10. Johnny Clarke - Every Knee Shall Bow (Discomix)
11. Prince Alla - Youthman In the ghetto (Discomix)
12. Junior Ross - Hold Them Prophecy (Discomix)
13. Junior Ross - Judgement Time (Discomix)
14. Sylford Walker - Deuteronomy (Discomix)
15. Ernest Hoo-Kim's and Inner Circle - General Amin
16. Prince Jammy's and Dennis Brown - General Version
17. Prince Jammy's - Raggamuffin Dub
18. Prince Jammy's and Michael Prophet - Warn Them Jah Dub
19. Prince Jammy's and Michael Prophet - Humanity Dub

(All tracks Copyright BLOOD AND FIRE)


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