Sunday, July 17, 2011

Radio Dubroom 2011 Chapter 11: European Dub Rising


WWW, July 2011 - In this selection of heavyweight UK/Euro Dub and Roots, we start of with a couple of new free and legal releases, only to continue with a selection of better material featuring -among many more- Mad Professor and Slimmah Sound. Nuff vocals, more Dubs, a lot of it reviewed at
There might be a crisis inna Europe at the moment, but it has little to do when it comes to the inspiration and output of the UK/Euro Dub and Roots Massive. We've seen some very crucial releases lately, of which we play the opening track followed by Alambic Conspiracy's contribution to the Third chapter of the Italian Dub Community Showcase series.

Followed is a to the UK (DFA, Mad Professor, Echo Ranks and Dub Terror, Jah Warrior and Peter Broggs, Bush Chemist, Alpha and Omega) and the Netherlands (Lyrical Benjie, Slimmah Sound and Jah Melody). Heavyweight Dubs and vocal tracks, all of them pure niceness for the true Rootsman.

The selection closes of with two titles from the Italian Dub Community Showcase series: BR Stylers as well as Moa Anbessa can be considered among the top of the Italian Dub scene and this is -0as can be heard- not without reason.

European Dub Rising, to chant down Babylon and lift up Consciousness. Enjoy!


01. Yuanan - Revolucion (REVIEW AND FREE DOWNLOAD)
02. Alambic Conspiracy - Big In Japan (REVIEW AND FREE DOWNLOAD)
03. Alambic Conspiracy - Big In Japan Dub (REVIEW AND FREE DOWNLOAD)
04. Dub From Atlantis - The Things That We Dub (REVIEW AND FREE DOWNLOAD)
05. Mad Professor - Kathmandu (MORE)
06. Lyrical Benjie - Ten Plagues (MORE)
07. Lyrical Benjie - Ten Plagues Dub (MORE)
08. Slimmah Sound and Jah Melody - Get Active Dub (MORE)
09. Slimmah Sound and Jah Melody - Get Active (MORE)
10. Slimmah Sound and Jah Melody - Give Thanks And Praises (MORE)
11. Slimmah Sound and Jah Melody - Give Thanks And Praises Dub (MORE)
12. Echo Ranks and Dub Terror - Shinobi Warrior (MORE)
13. Echo Ranks and Dub Terror - Shinobi Warrior Dub (MORE)
14. Bush Chemist - Subliminal Dub (MORE)
15. Jah Warrior and Peter Broggs - I Want To Tell The World I Love Jah (Dub) (REVIEW AND FREE DOWNLOAD)
16. Jah Warrior and Peter Broggs - I Put My Trust In Jah (Dub) (REVIEW AND FREE DOWNLOAD)
17. Alpha and Omega - Ancient Dub (MORE)
19. BR Stylers - 100 Dub (REVIEW AND FREE DOWNLOAD)
20. Moa Anbessa - What A Dub (REVIEW AND FREE DOWNLOAD)
21. Moa Anbessa - What A Day (REVIEW AND FREE DOWNLOAD)

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