Friday, January 11, 2008



WWW, January 2008 - In what is called a "Human Upgrade Program", the days of Noah return as a generation of "New Humans" is announced.

A look into the world of those that welcome the Days of Noah in their blind worship of the Watchers.

In the bible, in Genesis 6, we can read how in ancient times the Watchers or Sons of God came down to earth and took human wives in order to create giant offspring called Nephilim that would eventually cause the Most High to send a Great Flood.

Ancient accounts from all over the world confirm this fact, and there are many archeological sites throughout the planet pointing out to the events that took place in what Jesus Christ called "The Days Of Noah".

Fast forward to the 21st century.

Successful movies like Stargate and the popularity of writers such as Zechariah Sitchin are preparing the way for a return of these very same days, as predicted by Jesus Christ. Once again, the very existence of the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve is threatened by the actions of the fallen ones.

However, there is a difference.

The Watchers or Sons of God are now called Aliens or Extra-Terrestrials and their offspring are no longer called Nephilim but "New Humans": a term used by one Adolph Hitler in reference to his ideal of a post-human being he called "Aryan".

The "New Humans" are said to by "hybrids" between human beings, sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, and alleged "extra-terrestrials", or in biblical terms: "Watchers" or "Sons of God".

Some sons and daughters of Adam and Eve just can't wait until the transformation of humanity into post-humanity, though.

The 11th episode of Exopolitics Radio gives us an insight look into the world of those that look forward to a return of the Days of Noah. In their blind worship of the watchers, host and guests celebrate and welcome the very same abominations that caused Jah to send a Great Flood.

Host Alfred Webre comments on a scary article called "The New Humans: A Human Upgrade Program" and interviews Dr. Boylan on what they call "The War Against Star Children".

"Star Children" are the "New Humans" among us. Allegedly, their DNA is different than normal humans and they contain a number of abilities that include communication with spirits not of this world, extreme intelligence and a variety of other things which in ancient times were attributed to the Nephilim.

Webre and Boylan welcome the "New Humans" who will "upgrade humanity" with a number of abilities.

However, the komfort zone of the host and interviewee is deeply disturbed as they find out how the military industrial complex is also highly interested in the "Star Children".

In their worship of the beast they have become blind to the fact that this is not a "Human Upgrade", it is the destruction of the human race as JAH created us, in His Image and Likeness.

Listen to almost 48 minutes of shocking information that only confirms the prediction of Jesus Christ when He said: "As it was in the Days of Noah, so shall it be in the end"...


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