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WWW, December 2007 - The French based Steppin' Youth Sound System doesn't just know their music, they know how to present 57 tracks in 80 minutes without being accused of ADHD.

The second volume takes off, where the first left us. Again, we have a high number of titles in a relatively short time: 57 in almost 80 minutes. And again, we're not bothered at all by this.

Quite the contrary, I would say.

We move from riddim to riddim rather than from title to title in this one, that's for sure. And since that is the case, it is rather interesting to hear the many different vocalists all making their own thing out of the riddims they ride.

Riddims of which the majority are new ones rather than renderings of classic Studio One basslines, by the way. Yes, this is very much a 21st Century mix in many aspects and the freshness of the material is just one of them.

Who said, that Reggae was a music of the past?


01. intro
02. A little love - Trappa John
03. Away with the guns - Lms
04. Hozanna - ?
05. Can mek it if we try - Queen Omega
06. Queen and lady - Anthony B
07. Never let me down - Jah melody
08. Can't take it anymore - mikey Spice
09. Give thanks to Jah - Bounty Killa'
10. Rocky road - Black Panther
11. Supplies for the poor - Turbulence
12. Free out - Josie Mel/Capleton
13. Surprise them - Jah Mason
14. Candle light dinner - Anthony B
15. Lord have mercy - ?
16. Give thanks - Sizzla
17. Can't escape - Lms
18. Dark skin (mix) - Anthony B
19. Pass the kutchie - Mighty Diamonds
20. Promised land - Mark Wonder
21. Poor people - Mister Tie
22. Mistery babylon - Luciano
23. Praise Jah - Dillgin
24. Ready ya now - Uplifter/Capleton
25. War - Lucan I/Jah thunda/little capes
26. Pass the kutchie - Mighty Diamonds/Anthony B
27. interlude
28. Frenzy - Sanchez
29. All in the mix together - Freddie Mc Gregor
30. War - Sanchez
31. Stay with me - Sanchez
32. Better days - Marcia griffiths
33. Got to be free - Glen Washington
34. Simmer down - Red Rose
35. Woman of the nation - Anthony B
36. Time like dis - Determine
37. Praise HIM - King Beez
38. It's all about time - Mikey Spice
39. Morality at stake - Luciano
40. Not guilty - Anthony B
41. I'll sing my song - Glen Washington
42. The one i love - Sizzla'
43. Never give Jah up - Sugar Minott
44. Good ways - Sizzla'
45. Never leave you lonely - ?
46. Fight dem down - ?
47. Bountyfull love - Lutan Faya
48. Hold them - Sugar Minott
49. Rise up - Natural black
50. Love me for me - Anthony B
51. Pretty little face - u Brown
52. Roots in music - Prezident Brown
53. Wine of violence - E.T Webster
54. A dat mi want - Freddie Mc Gregor
55. Journey - Luciano
56. Thank you Jah - Al Campbell
57. Thank you lord - Bob Marley and Wailers



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