Wednesday, April 16, 2008



WWW, April 2008 - In 9 1/2 minutes, we are introduced to Eugenics: a word which describes the terrible thoughts that inspired not just Hitler, but also governments of the so-called "Free World" to create a "super race".

Eugenics is not new. The word is, and those who made it into a "social science" are too. At least, in the 19th century when a cousin of Charles Darwin made it popular.

There's "positive" eugenics, which stimulates the pro-creation of the desired race, as well as "negative": an active decrease of the "undesired elements" in the population.

Many people who are now known for their "scientific achievements", turn out to be active proponents of eugenics. "Negative" eugenics, like euthanasia, had to be introduced to the population in a deceptive matter of course, and the video shows a bit how that was done.

The "diagnosis" of "mental illness" with the undesired provoked slogans like "Three Generations (of "mental illness") Is Enough", and legislation throughout several states in the USA put the word to action.

The video focuses on a part of the history of the USA that is not widely known, and the connection between the American society for Eugenics and Adolph Hitler is also revealed.

The narrator also introduces us to the infamous Joseph Mengele, whose experiments in the Nazi concentration camps produced the most horrible stories by the few that survived it. Many of their names are not widely known, but the famous proponents of eugenics are honored until this day.


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